How To Convert Facebook Profile To Facebook Page 2018?

June 16, 2018

Do you run a business and trying different ways to market it? Right now there are a plethora of marketing techniques that you can use to create good publicity. But if you are thinking to go the digital way, it is better to use the social media platform Facebook as your marketing tool.

Today, almost every individual has their profile created on the Facebook, irrespective of their age, education, and profession. It is one of the widely used mediums right now that allows us to connect with the entire world just using our computers and smartphones. So, without spending much on other advertising methods, one can try promoting their business using this platform and reach out to masses in just a few clicks.

But just creating a profile is not enough, particularly when you want people to know about your new business. In such cases, it is better if you change your personal profile into a business page and make postings relating to it. Gradually, your posts about the business will reach out to maximum people, who might even show interest in what your promotions are about.

Hence, if you want to convert Facebook profile into a business page, there are a few steps you need to follow, which are mentioned below.

Convert Facebook Profile To Facebook Page:

Take a look at the following steps and change your profile into a page.

→ On your profile, select ‘Create a Facebook Page’.
→ Tap on ‘Get Started’, go through the instructions and follow them.
→ After the conversion process is done, your new page will be created automatically.
→ Click on the ‘Off’ option that is next to the ‘Publish Page’ to make changes to the settings.

Convert Facebook Profile To Facebook Page


Will Your Contacts Be Notified About Your New Page?

As soon as the new page is published, all the contacts or friends on your list will receive a notification that you have created a new page. As for the profile followers, you will have to select the specific followers, who will then follow the new page and will be removed from the following list on your profile. And when it comes to pending requests, only the contacts that you select will automatically like and follow your new page and they will also be not removed from your profile.

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What Happens After Converting Your Profile Into A Facebook Page?

Once the profile is changed to a Facebook page,

→ Both the profile, as well as the page, will be available for use.
→ Facebook then transfers your cover photo, profile photo and the same profile name will become the page’s name as well.
→ You can add more followers to the page from your list of friends, followers and even pending friend requests as well.
→ You can certainly copy images and videos from your profile to the page. But one thing you must remember is that a few metrics cannot be transferred to the page.
→ You can have a preview of all the settings or changes you make to the page before publishing it.
→ Once the page is set up, Facebook notifies you again to check for the privacy settings on your profile so that you are sure about what content you intend to share on the page.


So these are the steps and a few important points you need to remember when you want to convert Facebook profile into a page. On the other hand, some users might have been using their personal profile page as a business page instead of converting it into an official Facebook business page. But doing so is strongly not recommended as running the business page as a personal profile is nothing but violating the Statement of Rights & Responsibilities of Facebook. If your personal profile is not converted into a business page, there are chances that you lose all the content permanently, besides losing access to the page as well.

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