How To Clean Your DSLR Camera & Lens?

June 11, 2018

Long gone are the days when people used to carry reel cameras for capturing beautiful pictures. But now is the age of smartphone cameras and digital cameras, which deliver the best quality images and videos. But of all the types of cameras available today, DSLRs are indeed the top picks for perfect photography. A wide range of DSLRs is offered today by popular brands such as Canon, Nikon, and others. But one thing to remember when using DSLRs is to maintain them properly. Besides taking other measures, the basic and the most important thing to do is to clean them on a regular basis. Since it is an expensive device, it is necessary to follow certain tips to clean DSLR camera lens.

Tips To Clean DSLR Camera & Lens:

As photographers tend to carry their DSLRs wherever they go, it is no wonder that the device gets in contact with dust, fingerprints, rain and other airborne particles. If not cleaned, such particles settle in the camera body rings, dials, and other components, thus affecting the camera performance over time. Hence, you need to clean up the lens and the whole camera regularly or on every alternate day. Here, we have mentioned few tips about how to clean DSLR camera and lens, which you can consider following.

1. The most essential thing that every DSLR camera user must carry is the soft lens cleaning cloth. These are a must-have in the camera kits and are available separately for this purpose. First, clean off the entire camera as well as a lens with a microfiber cloth. You may also use a cleaning solution to get rid of all the dirt on the lens.

2. Using the cloth, clean the front glass on the lens as well as the exteriors. Never forget to put back the cap on your lens mount or glass surface as there is a tendency for dust particles to enter the insides.


3. It is better to use a small air blower to clean up the area near lens rings and dials. Add a small amount of cleaning fluid to the cloth and clean the glass as well as the exterior surface of the lens in a gentle way. Immediately wipe away the extra fluid on the device. Always remember not to use products such as a compressed air canister or a Windex for camera cleaning purpose.

4. The place where you are cleaning the camera is also important. If you are in a dust-free environment, you can just go ahead and remove the lens mount in order to clean the digital sensor as well. But this should be done very gently and carefully as vigorous cleaning may cause any damage to the mechanisms.

5. When changing the lenses, there is a possibility of dust falling onto the sensor. Additional care is necessary in such cases as cleaning up such areas will damage the sensor, which may further require a professional service also.

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6. If you are using an expensive device, always make sure to read the camera’s manual thoroughly to understand the instructions. For some specific models, there are unique instructions given for cleaning purpose. Hence, following the manual as written is always advisable.


7. In addition, remember to first change your device from camera mode to sensor cleaning mode. And before starting the task, ensure that the camera is totally charged and turned on. But if the power goes off, there is a chance for the camera to get damaged if the cleaning equipment is left inside the shutter’s curtain.

8. Gently blow air onto the digital sensor’s defensive filtering element using your small bellows once the camera is changed to the sensor cleaning mode. Never touch the filter with your bellow tips as it may damage the element.

9. Carefully sweep the surface and clean it after using the bellows to detach the loose dirt particles. Go through the manual again to keep the cleaning swab in a right size. Add cleaning solution to the swab and sweep it across the filtering element’s surface.


10. Always remember to first use the bellows, sweep with the brush and then use the cleaning solution. Follow the procedure and use each side of the swab just one time to clean the surface and get a new one to repeat the process later on.

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