Tricks To Capture Anyone’s Photos Who Tries To Unlock Your Phone

May 15, 2018

Do you think someone is trying to unlock your smartphone to get your personal information or just look at your activities? Situations such as these are indeed annoying and not safe either. Smartphones have become our most important necessities of the current day, where we save almost all our details. And when someone tries to get access to such details, it is not acceptable. If someone tries to get hold of your phone in your absence, you can definitely find out who the person in with the help of your phone itself. Yes, you heard it right. It is possible to adjust some settings in your Android phone and make it take pictures of anyone, who tries to unlock your phone. Want to know how? Look at the steps below to proceed.

Using Hidden Eye App:

Let us first find out anyone who tries to unlock your phone with the help of Hidden Eye app. Here are the steps.

1 → The first step you must follow to capture someone’s photo who tries to sneak into your phone is to download the Hidden Eye app and install it.

2 → Once the installation is done, open the app and it will display three check boxes relating to Security Status.

3 → Jump off the first two options and select the third one, which says “Show intruders on unlock” and then click “Ok”.

unlock your phone

4→ Based on your requirement, you can choose other options also accordingly. The first option says “Sound alarm after 3 attempts.” And the second option says “Alert me on the notification bar.”

5 → Regardless of which option you select, just make sure that the app is activated after the selection is done.

6 → With all these settings made, the Hidden Eye app will start working and captures photos of anyone who tries to unlock your Android device, be it the expensive Samsung Galaxy S9 or the affordable Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.

7→ Besides, it also keeps the pictures on record so that you can check them anytime later.

Using LockWatch – Thief Catcher:

LockWatch – Thief Catcher is another excellent application you can use when someone tries to unlock your device by trying a wrong code. Just follow the steps below.

1 → Search for the LockWatch – Thief Catcher app on the Play Store, download and install it on your Android smartphone.

2 → Open the app, and you will the screen display an option that says “Set up a lock screen to get started (pattern, PIN or password).

3 → Select this option, set up a pattern or PIN and then turn on the “Send Alert Email” option.

4 → Then, you have to Activate the lockwatch to proceed further.

unlock your phone

5 → Now, provide your Email ID by selecting the option “Emails should be sent to.”

6 → Now that you are done with all the steps, your Android smartphone is ready to send you email alerts on your mail id when someone tries to unlock it with an incorrect PIN or password.

So these are the key steps you have to follow when someone tries to unlock your Android smartphone in your absence. However, in case if you are searching for a lost phone in Dubai or tracking your lost phone in UAE, you will have to follow other steps. Apart from that, all Android users must know some important tips and functions when using devices running on this platform. Read about the 8 secret functions of Android smartphones here that informs you about features that you might have never heard before. Besides, you can also try knowing about the 5 best ways to control Android device from your PC. Also, you can check out these 3 methods to backup your SMS text messages on Android devices.

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