Bitten by the Social Media Bug

June 18, 2016

Do you remember what life was like before the social media bug lured everyone into its trap? The days when we actually made an effort to stay in touch with friends and family, and when we were hesitant to reveal too much about our lives to absolute strangers. Life was quite different back then.

1. “Say Cheese, Cheese”

We never told people about our every meal in great detail. If anyone ever did ask, we’d give a to-the-point response, and move on to the next topic. We hardly ever photographed what we ate. And even if we did, it wouldn’t be sent to our friends and family for rave reviews.

2. “Who Wants Privacy?”

We liked a little privacy in life. Now, we no longer have any qualms about revealing details of it, on a public platform for the world to see.

3. Check-In Woes

Going out secretly used to be less stressful earlier. You could say you’re working late when you’re actually out with friends, and saunter home nonchalantly after. But now, the only thing you’ll walk home to is an angry partner who demands to know why you were tagged in your friends Check-in at the club.

4. “Good News Everyone”

You used to update friends and family on your life personally, with photos and messages. When there’s good news, you can’t wait to call everyone around you to tell them, and celebrate with them. Now, it’s just posted on social media for everyone to see and like, and that’s it.

5. Catching-Up

When you meet someone after a long gap, you would have a lot of catching up to do. You could go hours just talking, and bringing the other person up to date. Now, since every bit of your life is proclaimed on social media, you’re left hunting for topics to talk about, which usually ends up with weather or movie discussions.

6. Happy Birthday

Birthday wishes are no longer heartfelt, and don’t carry the same level of emotion. No matter how old you are, you can’t help but feel happy when someone remembers and wishes you on your birthday. But that’s become mechanical now, since your birthday is declared on Facebook. The excitement and compassion is gone, and you’re left thanking them in a perfunctory manner.

7. Thumbs Up

We have lost our social skills, and fumble when trying to have a normal face-to-face conversation with someone. We just don’t know how to communicate with anyone, as you can always think twice before saying anything on social media. Now you have to think on your feet. Plus, no emoticons to express emotions. So if someone says something good, and you want to show your approval, you’re left stumped for a few seconds, searching for the right way to convey it. You finally resort to a weak thumbs up, which leads to an awkward silence after.

8. Photos Lie

We’re not sure what people look like anymore as photos are put through all the filters in the world, and tweaked to perfection before being posted on social media platforms.

9. No Productivity

Our productivity is circling the drain. Before social media, we’d entertain ourselves by doing stuff around the house, creating various things, stimulating our brain by reading tons of books, playing board games. Now, we resort to curling up on the couch, and staying in the same spot for hours whilst we hop from one social media platform, to another.

10. Addicted

We’re hooked onto our smartphones and PCs, and social media played a huge role in instilling the obsession. By swaying us with its irresistible ways, and luring us into its trap, we now can’t function properly without our gadgets by our side. It started with us constantly feeling the itch to check our notifications. Once we got addicted, hours would go by just browsing through our various accounts. We’re now so badly into it, that the only way out would be an intervention…or tossing your gadget away, cutting off your Wi-Fi, locking yourself in your room for good, and flushing your key away.
We may have exaggerated a bit, but you get the picture. It’s very hard to get off it.

Social media has changed our lives for good. The world’s embraced it wholeheartedly, and there’s just no turning back. You can now either be in it completely, or while away time flitting around the edges, till you get sucked in too. It’ll happen… eventually.

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