Best VR Headsets for 2019

December 26, 2018

The expectations and world phenomena towards the uplift of new gadgets and introducing much smarter technology has become a necessity of life. We can’t just stick to one thing or a trend in the dynamic environment as the modernization do develops the need for advanced equipment. The revelation of the virtual reality is the gate opening to the new world where everything looks so real that we experience the best of everything, the virtual reality trend has infused into the gaming world as well due to that the virtual reality glasses or the VR headsets have been launched by various famous brands so that you can encounter the ultimate real like experience of media or VR games.

Best VR Headsets for 2019

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Virtual reality is so fascinating and it has the power to alter things, it has the ability to let the user feel everything around as real through the headsets and motion tracking, the virtual space created around builds the reality aspect. It’s also been a promising technology for decades which will become more advanced and modern with time.  There are many best VR headsets in Dubai available with extraordinary features. Oculus has the popular Rift, HTC and Valve have the Steam-friendly Vive, Sony has the PlayStation VR, and Samsung recently added a separate controller to its Gear VR. Moreover, Microsoft’s Windows 10 mixed reality platform and a variety of hardware manufacturers working on it are slowly creeping into the market with their own unified platform. Then there are the new standalone VR headsets, like the Oculus Go, the Lenovo Mirage Solo, and the upcoming HTC Vive Focus. This article comprises the best virtual reality glasses or VR headsets for the year 2019 so you will have a better understanding of VR headsets if you are looking to buy one for 2019 in the category of gaming accessories.

Best VR Headsets for 2019

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HTC Vive:

HTC worked for the own VR headset and it possible that people would avail the best features of the VR glasses.  It could be said that HTC Vive is perhaps one of the best VR headsets available in the market mainly because HTC partnered with Valve, and most of the game developers who publish their games on Steam do offer support for Vive right out of the box, which certainly is a great thing. In addition to that, the Vive is supported by almost all the VR content available, which again is a good thing. It is also structured in such a way that it has intuitive controls which certainly is a plus point because the user will not be fiddling with the controls at all. However, it runs on the powerful GPU that runs games outside of VR as well.

Best VR Headsets For 2019

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Sony PlayStation VR:

With the high potential and market need observation Sony jumped into the VR headset segment. PlayStation VR, with its uttermost appealing capability, just made things better especially with exclusives where Sony and the developers can have the complete control over the games that are coming out in the market. The PlayStation VR glasses is undoubtedly one of the best things that have arrived for the PlayStation, and for many people, it certainly is an accessory that is a must have as it also has an affordable price tag along with it, and on top of that, the quality of VR games is almost as good as it is on the PC system or laptop.

Best VR Headsets For 2019

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Oculus Rift:

Oculus Rift will be the top choice in the best VR glasses of 2019. It is perhaps one of the most popular Virtual Reality headsets available in the market. The prominent features include easy setup, its availability, and the support with almost every game, movie, or app. Not only has that it functioned with the variety of configurations with great ease. On top of that, it fits like a glove, which is a great thing for a VR headset.  Oculus Rift is perfectly designed that you do not get any bad experience with the headset itself. Everything ranging from the compatibility to the setup is simple and easy to handle.

Best VR Headsets For 2019

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Samsung Gear VR:

It would be not wrong to say that Samsung was the first one to plan a Virtual reality glasses for the smartphones platform. Due to that Samsung is coupling the VR headset with one or another phone. This incredible device has marvelous properties including its lightweight body and the comfortable designing. Furthermore, Samsung Gear VR is supported with all the Samsung phones that have come out recently, or 2 years ago, making it much easier for everyone to get the perfect VR experience. However, make sure that you remove the case from the phone because you might have some clearance issues, the same goes for screen protectors, especially if you are using a tempered glass screen protector. However, it’s a Samsung device despite that it does support other brands phones.  Well, build and compatible with the media and VR games.

Best VR Headsets For 2019

Google Daydream View:

Surprisingly Google has also entered into the world of virtual reality by introducing its VR glasses and it is named as Google Daydream View. Its look is very distinguishing comparing to the other VR headsets because of its unconventional look and crafting.  It is very pleasant of the mundane looking VR headsets that we have come to expect from the companies conversely like other VR glasses it is covered in a cloth-like material that gives it the novel look. As a matter of fact, you can find the same material on the Google Home Mini. The VR headset has feasible features including affordability, easy setup, and even easier to use, additionally the amount of great content already available enhances the overall virtual reality experience.

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Best VR Headsets For 2019


Virtual reality is the future aspect of the media and gaming world which will take over soon, however few of the fresh drops of VR headsets products also expected in 2019 in which Oculus Quest is the one which would be having the more futuristic advancements whereas, the list of above VR glasses in UAE would help you find out the suitable one according to your need for the year 2019.

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