5 Best Voice Changer Apps For Android Phone

October 9, 2018

Android is one of the coolest operating system available for smartphones and tablets. It ensures to do almost any activity thus making it the most popular OS around the world. Well! Even pranks on your friends is not a big deal with the Android smartphone. There exists some handful of voice changer apps that lets to modify sound with an ease. These apps can be used to have fun with your family and friends at any time. But, it is always better to make use of them carefully, so as to avoid any legal issues. Since there exist numerous apps to choose from, it is quite imperative to choose the best you need. Considering this, here we have included some of the popular voice changer apps for Android. While most of the apps are free to download, some apps also feature in-app purchases to enjoy those additional features if any. So, what are you waiting for! Read on further to get started to have fun by changing voice on the call.

Best Voice Changer

The only voice changer app that holds all those necessary features to prank with your friend is best voice changer. It is free to download from Playstore and boasts multiple voices to choose from. Prank your voice with different sounds of Helium, Kid, Chorus, Alien, Squirrel, Drunk, old, diving, monster, robot and many more. The main highlight of this voice changer app is, the user need not record a separate audio file to identify the transitions. Instead, you can make use of existing files to apply different audio effects which the developer claims as “Magic Conversion”. The clean UI of the app along with the wide range of features included make the app the best option to choose from many. Being a free version, obviously, it involves some ads, but thankfully they don’t take up enough space.

best voice changer app

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Voice Changer With Effects

Another voice changer app that comes into the top list of best voice changer apps is Voice Changer with effects. The app allows to record voice and changes it to various other voices including Darth, Vader, Robot, helium, megaphone and many more. The customized voice can be saved to your phone so as to set it as a ringtone, share it on social media apps or can also be used as a notification alert. It features a simple interface that makes it easy to access. Prank with your friends now with the Voice change app free download. Also, add some audio track to the pictures and videos to create a separate video. Combine the voice of an alien with a drunken voice to create a different sound on your smartphone.

best voice changer app

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Available on Google Play for free download, the Snapchat is popular as an image messaging service. In fact, it is also the best voice changer app that can completely change the appearance of the voice. Change the voice tone, pitch, and even environmental conditions right away to create a personalized voice. It also features a bunch of filters that can be applied to different voices thus turning them into the different tone. Apart from this, Snapchat also features snapchat memories and lets to save snaps. The only drawback with this popular imaging service app, it has a massive battery drain.

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best voice changer app

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Voice Changer by Androbaby

Want to give unusual effects to your voice on call for fun? Created by the ambitious young developers, the Voice Changer app can record a voice, scare another person, make yourself feel in the empty room by applying echo filter. Also, pronounce the phrase using the monster voice or send your friends a message with a voice of the alien. So, make use of all those filters available, to prank your friends with a different voice. Have fun by downloading the voice changer app by Androbaby on your Android smartphone.

best voice changer app

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Call Voice Changer

One of the funniest apps available for the Android smartphones that can change your voice in real time is Call Voice Changer app. Add those weird sound effects while on the live call to make fun of your friends. There is even an option to prank a call by changing the pitch of a voice. The sound effects that can be added to a call in real time let to have more fun. Ensure to have a proper internet connection before you start using Call Voice changer app.

best voice changer app

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  • pranksters know these apps very well and i am one among them.i have tried few Voice Changer Apps For Android Phone and conned my friends.few of them still dont know that call was a prank , these apps make it so natural and effective that the other person will never recognise your voice , with this app you can change the voice ,add special effects, and much more.

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