Best Ultra HD Televisions To Buy In 2018

January 24, 2018

It is now the age of smartphones and smart televisions. Earlier, televisions were the only mode of entertainment. But today, we have a number of devices using which, we can watch movies, and listen to music whenever necessary. Buying a television was a simple process back then. All that we did was to just select our favorite brand, screen size and get the model at an affordable smart televisions price in Dubai. But now, purchasing a television is no simple thing. There are a wide variety of TVs available now that uses different technologies. And the top brands that offer the advanced TVs include Samsung, Sony, LG, Toshiba, Haier and so on. Some of these types include 4K, Quantum Dots, OLED, HDR, Smart TV and so on. It is indeed a difficult task to decide on the best one among these many varieties.

Hence, to make things easier for you, we provide a list of best TVs along with the smart televisions price in UAE, which you might consider buying.

1. Samsung 65-inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV:

This Samsung 65-inch TV is one of the best entertainment systems to buy this year. The model named MU7000, this is a smart ultra-high definition television that looks just stunning with very slim bezels. It’s 65-inch display screen with 4K resolution, crystal clear details, vivid colors and lifelike hues, promises an immersive viewing experience. It features Dolby Digital Plus with 2CH speakers and DTS Premium Sound 5.1 that offers excellent and distortion free sound output. This Smart TV also comes with built-in WiFi Direct, web browser, remote control with voice command, Smart View, Smart Hub, along with Bluetooth connectivity, 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports for seamless content transfer purposes.


2. LG C7 OLED Series:

The LG C7 OLED TV is one of the top models on this list, which is available in both 55-inch and 65-inch sizes at a varying smart TV price in UAE. With a big screen, it comes with OLED’s class-leading standard dynamic range capabilities. This television also features Dolby Atmos that offers cinema-like experience at your home. The Active HDR with Dolby Vision optimizes the content and gives excellent picture quality, while the Dolby Atmos audio together with 2.2CH speaker system delivers outstanding sound output.


3. Sony Bravia A1 OLED:

This brand new TV from Sony is a crowd pleaser that excels in terms of design, picture quality, sound and overall performance. Also, this Ultra HD TV price in Dubai UAE is apt considering the high-end specs it carries. The Sony Bravia A1 4K OLED television fascinates you with its TRILUMINOS display that comes in both 55-inch and 65-inches. It provides clear details of every picture, color, and hues while handling different formats including Dolby Vision, HDR10 as well as Hybrid Log-Gamma. This model uses the Acoustic Surface technology that offers an excellent sound output.Sony is not only best at televisions but also a best brand for projectors and screens.


4. TCL 32-inch LED Smart TV:

This Smart LED TV from TCL is the best entertainment systems that pack in some amazing features. Bestowed with an ultra-thin and sleek display screen, the television delivers exceptional visuals with amazing picture clarity, while balancing the contrast and hues. The 32-inch screen with HD resolution of 1366×768 pixels offers superior visual quality and reveals even minute details. Besides, it provides access to several built-in apps, whereas the Smart TV features allow web browsing with much ease.


5. Samsung QLED 4K Curved Smart TV:

This curved TV from Samsung best explains the innovative technology. It is the most spectacular TV offered by the brand so far. With brilliant picture quality, and 100% color volume this QLED TV lets you explore the real world right from your home. The 55-display with 4K HDR Elite offers better color details with good contrast and brightness in every scene. The fluid motion feature brings even the fast-moving content to life. Besides, the features like curved boundless 360-degree design, OneRemote, and Smart View app makes it one of the best choices.


So, these are some of the top television models we suggest you buy this year. If you are also planning to buy laptops that have the best features, then read about 5 best laptops for video editing.

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