Best External Hard Drives for Mac in 2018

October 5, 2018

We all know the importance of storage that can back up our data. Considering the present technical world, wherein everyone relies on a PC or laptop to stores an even single bit of information, it is quite hard to store all of them with the storage the device is offering. Thanks to the technological changes that gave users different storage options. In order to boost up storage on devices especially on MacBooks, it is advisable to prefer the best external hard drive for mac. It is the best storage solution that can accomplish all your needs. All the external hard drives specified below are compatible with Apple MacBooks as well as Mac computers. A best external hard drive is perfect to store photos, music, and all other video files. Hard drive storage for up to 1TB is relatively cheap. But, if you require to upgrade for 2TB, 3TB or 4TB external hard drive, it may cost you a bit more. Apart from storing personal information, the external hard drives can also transport data from location to another. Here, let us have look at the best external hard drives to use with Mac in 2018.

Western Digital My Passport 4TB

The latest generation external hard drive that supports both Mac and Windows PC platforms is Western Digital My Passport hard drive. This brilliant option features capacities ranging from 1TB to 4TB. Though the transfer speeds are not that much quick enough, still they offer a great balance between speed, cost, and capacity.

best external hard drive for mac


Here is the best external hard drive with an inclusion of Mac NTFS driver which suggests that it is formatted properly. Additionally, it works both on Windows and Mac OS platforms. Moreover, it is completely a budget option and works well without any incompatibility issues. The Backup Plus 5TB holds a metal slim case and features enough storage for all your files. There is even a Seagate Expansion Plus 4TB external hard drive that is ought to be a perfect option for extended storage.

best external hard drive for mac

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Maxtor M3 Portable External Hard Drive

Maxtor, the Seagate-owned company introduced this powerful external hard drive with a 3-year guarantee. This portable hard drive is the best 4TB external hard drive and supports Windows 10/8/7/Vista and also Mac OS X. The size of this portable drive varies according to the capacity. Additionally, the Maxtor M3 portable external hard drive is supplied with different software such as SecureDrive for drive security, AutoBackup for backup, and even a software for data encryption. It is even ready to face environmental challenges as it holds the capacity to work in different temperatures ranging from 5 degrees to 40 degrees. This makes it the best external hard drive to work effectively even in hard conditions.

best external hard drive for mac

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Apple AirPort Time Capsule

The simple yet effective external hard drive for Mac is Apple AirPort Time Capsule. It is available in 2TB and 3TB sizes. Also has the capacities of network attached storage as well as a wireless router. Though it is an expensive option of all the best external hard drives for Mac, it has the advantage of working with Time Machine and even get automatically detected by the Mac system. As for the connectivity options, this hard drive has four gigabit Ethernet ports along with a single 2.0 USB port. Considering the features offered, the Apple AirPort Time Capsule is ought to be a great option for all Mac lovers.

best external hard drive for mac

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LaCie 8TB Porsche Design Desktop External Drive

The LaCie Porsche design hard drive is a perfect blend of form and function. It lets to transfer files at a faster rate and even holds the capability to carry large data. The striking LED on the external hard drive indicates power as well as gives the hard drive a sophisticated elegance. The solid and reliable hardware ensures the device to last for years without any issues. The USB 3.0 interface is well enough to handle the task at a much faster rate. For instance, you can transfer a 700MB video file in just 7 seconds. The encryption software also ensures the security of data stored and transferred on this 8TB external hard drive.

best external hard drive for mac

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Buffalo MiniStation Extreme NFC

The best portable external hard drive for Mac and Windows PC is Buffalo MiniStation Extreme NFC. The rugged case on the drive makes it dust and water resistant. Also, it comes in with a built-in USB 3.0 cable that ensures to safely transfer data using the drive. To ensure security, the hard drive is given a 256-bit AES security feature and NFC features. Using this NFC feature, the data on the drive gets unlocked only by supplying NFC card to the body of the drive. This great addition makes it the best external hard drives for mac.

best external hard drive for mac

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Samsung T3 SSD

Here is another super fast external hard drive for mac. Since the Samsung T3 SSD makes use of the solid state drive, the read and writes speeds on this drive are comparatively faster than traditional hard drives. Though it holds the lesser capacity of 1TB when compared to other best external hard drives for Mac, still if you are looking for the drive with faster data transfer speeds, then this would be the best option to choose from.

best external hard drive

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Adata SD700 External SSD

One of the best cheapest options available for the best external hard drive for Mac is Adata SD700. It holds the capacity of 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. This rugged storage device provides ample capacity and even manages to offer in the lower price tag. Additionally, this is only SSD that holds IP68 certification. Being a solid state drive, it performs well in terms of transfer rates and also features rugged protection. It also features a USB 3.0 interface that can transfer the data with an ease and protection.

best external hard drive

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  • storage is the most important requirement in macbooks and laptops, the default storage is enough for the basic use and for the backup and database where you need too much storage space ,one should provide External Hard Drives For Mac In 2018 for much better operations.

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