7 Best Android Emulators for PC 2018 – Windows 10

July 23, 2018

Want to try Android App on Windows 10 PC? Did you know that you can install the whole Android OS on your PC or laptop? In fact, irrespective of the Windows version you are running on, Android emulators are the powerful option to run the Android apps or games on the personal computer. To define, Android Emulator is a software tool that gives you the feasibility to install Android apps or games on PC. Now that you are interested in playing your favourite Android game on PC, then here is 7 best Android Emulator for Windows 10 that you can download. While there exist many online Android emulator programs for download, some of the tools come in with a lot of bugs. So, it is always better to choose the right and best Android emulator that can serve your purpose with an ease. All the below specified Android emulator for PC allow installing Android APK file thus allowing to run Android games smoothly. Moreover, some Android emulators are good to play and some are good to operate WhatsApp, Instagram and other features.

So, depending on the necessity you can choose to have the best Android emulator for PC. Well! Now that you understood what is the Android emulator? The next question that may run in your mind is what differentiates the good Android emulator from bad? Then, the first thing to check with is stability and then you need to look for the features offered. Some of the tools will not allow third-party APK installation. Go through the Android emulator specification page thoroughly to get to understand the features and other specifications. Make sure all the features fit your needs and decide accordingly. Keeping all these details in mind, we have listed out some of the best Android Emulators for Windows 10 that you can prefer downloading instantly.

Bluestacks Android emulator

Run your favourite Android app on Windows desktop with an ease using Bluestacks Android emulator. Released in 2011, this program now has many investment partners including Qualcomm, Samsung, Intel and AMD. Available for free download, the Bluestacks Android emulator for Windows 10 is installed directly on your boot drive. Get the premium version to enjoy the ad-free experience while playing online Android games. Once installed, sign in with Google account and set up an account as any Android application. This gives access to the Play store from Bluestacks and installs any applications without any hassle. Install now to play these 7 interesting Android games offline. 

Nox App Player

Compatible with both Windows and MacOS, the Nox App player is one of the feature-rich Android emulators that let to have an Android experience on your system. If you want to get higher performance while gaming then this is the must-have online Android emulator for PC. The only drawback is, you need a 2GB RAM on PC to run this application effectively. Some of the features of the Nox App Player include integrated Google Play store, Take snapshots while playing, records video, GPS support, APK installation support and more. Download and Install Nox App Player on Windows 10 to experience the features and benefits. Instead of Android games, you can even try out playing Xbox and PlayStation games.


The most powerful Android emulator that bridges the gad between Android and desktop is AndyRoid. It is not only compatible Windows 10 but even supports Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. It packs in some unique features that you may not find in other online Android emulators. Download AndyRoid to get seamless sync between the mobile device and desktop. While playing games, use your mobile as a remote control. It is free to download and supports games, apps, and launchers. AndyRoid is claimed to be the best Android emulator of all times as it even includes the customize options through the virtual box settings. Just open VirtualBox to customize setting that you require.

Remix OS Player

When it comes to running Android apps on PC, Remix OS player makes it simple to run apps and games virtually on PC or laptop. While Bluestacks is considered to be the popular Android emulator for PC, Remix OS player is another alternative that can give a tough competition to Bluestacks. This absolutely free software can be downloaded from the official website and you need to enable virtualization technology by entering into BIOS mode. Once downloaded and installed, you get access to some default Android apps like Google Chrome, Facebook, File Manager. To download more, activate the Google Play store, add Google account and select an app to install.

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Droid4x Android Emulator

Emulate the Android platform interface on PC with the best Android emulator, Droid4x. With the simple to use interface, the Droid4x gives you access to many features that Android platform offers. Turn your PC to an Android device and enjoy playing Android games or get access to hundreds of Android apps using this Online Android emulator. Unlike other competitors, Droid4X Android emulator also gives an opportunity to exchange files and folders in an easy way. Also, take screenshots while playing and record videos of the screen to share with friends. To install Droid4X, you need a dual-core CPU with virtualization technology, 1GB RAM, graphics card. Android 4.2.2 KitKat is the most used version.


Start using Memu Android emulator now, to play the games you like on bigger window. Download the APK file to install the app into PC and works on all latest version of Windows. All you need is an Intel-based or AMD-based CPU with the support of virtualization technology, and 1GB free system memory. The Memu Android emulator supports two main versions of Android- Android 4.4 KitKat and Android 5.1 Lollipop. Get full Android experience on the Windows 10 PC using the best Android emulator, Memu. With flexible customization options and feasibility to map keyboard/Joystick with a touch screen so as to enhance the gaming experience is the main attraction of Memu Android emulator. File sharing between Android and Windows is no more a concern. Download it now to create Android instances.

Genymotion Android Emulator

While many of the Android emulators are designed for gaming and accessing Android app, the Genymotion Android emulator is for testing purpose. This is one of the fastest Android emulators that is suitable for developers to test the Android application on different variants. Since it works on the concept of VirtualBox, it requires to install it before you start using it. With excellent interface along with the developer features, you can try out testing the Android application with different web browsers for Android. Check the responsiveness and compatibility of the Android applications over different platforms. It even gives the feasibility to drag and install applications with a single click.

All these Android emulators make you enjoy the benefits of the local OS along with the features of the different OS on the same PC. Moreover, as a developer, if you are looking to have the best testing environment, then you must try out installing Android emulators on Windows 10. Also read 5 best games of 2018 to play on iPhones.

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  • To have a complete application access on laptops and pc like a smartphone is only possible with android emulator .with the help of this software tool one can easily use apps through their pc and laptop at ease.before upgrading my os to windows 10 i used to use Bluestacks as android emulator ,wherein i installed many apps and used them with no issues.

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  • android emulator for windows 10 are seemingly becoming more popular as Android’s popularity keeps growing. From developers testing apps to gamers playing on a large screen, users yearn for experiencing Android operating system with a mouse and keyboard, coupled with high specifications of the PC.there are many best android emulator available over internet and few of the best are mentioned in this blog.

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