Best Barcode Scanner and QR Code Scanner Apps for iPhone & Android

October 5, 2018

The latest smartphones are almost capable of doing everything that you desire. Though the smartphone itself cannot scan the barcode of any product, the QR code scanner app or barcode scanner app can enable to decode information. So, looking out for the best barcode scanner app? Then you are in the right place. Here we have listed out some of the best apps for iPhone and Android. Since different retailers use different barcode formats, the smartphone with the QR code scanner app can easily decode the data. This is quite useful to keep track of all the information about sold and purchased products. So, let us have a look at the few best barcode scanner and QR scanner apps that is proved to be an ideal choice for small business and enterprise users.

QR & Barcode Scanner

The fastest QR/barcode scanner which is a great choice for Android users is QR & Barcode Scanner. It is capable enough to scan and recognize barcode instantly using the mobile camera. The scanner is completely easy to use. Just download and install the software to the device and point the QR or barcode that need to be scanned. The app will automatically detect the code and scan it quickly. It holds the capability to scan and read almost all types of QR/barcode types which includes text, URL, product, email, location, calendar, contact, Wi-Fi and all other formats. Also, use the scanner to scan the product barcodes which makes it easier to compare prices and save money.

QR Code Scanner

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One of the oldest QR scanner app for Android and iPhone is Bar-Code. With over a 3 lakh downloads on iTunes, Bar-Code is quite popular and works effectively to scan nearly any type of code. It supports a wide range of codes and is mainly intended to share the information on the barcode rather than reading it instantly. It either uses the mobile camera or the photo of the code to read it. Just open the app, and tap the button to start scanning. Once you scan, the entire information including the code format will be shown on the screen. The scanned barcodes can be shared via email, SMS, Facebook, etc. The free app features ads, and you can get them removed by paying a few bucks. If you are looking for a portable QR code scanner, then try out using Portable Handheld Bluetooth Wireless Ring Finger 1D Barcode Scanner Reader that supports both Windows and iOS platforms.

QR code scanning app

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I-nigma is another popular QR code scanner app that can read barcodes of different types such as Data Matrix, UPC, EAN and more. The main highlight of this QR/barcode scanner app is its fast QR code reliability. To use the app, open the i-nigma app, point to the QR code using the mobile camera and take a snap. Either jump to the content or share the decoded content. Though the interface is not so stylish as other QR code scanner app, still it is good for its quality. Don’t be surprised to see the results while scanning the customized or reverse QR codes. Also, view the content in the future as the app features history log to store all scanned QR codes. After scanning a barcode, you can compare prices of different products from leading online retail stores. Also, clean your Android with these best Android cleaner apps.

QR code scanning app

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Kaspersky’s QR Scanner

Kaspersky is a well-known brand to provide enough security on different devices. Apart from featuring best protection, it is even known to offer QR code scanner that can protect from fake QR codes that may redirect you to unwanted websites. So, get rid of those malware and Phishing traps using this best barcode scanner app. The interface looks great and also stores scanned QR codes thus making it accessible even in the future. Since it comes in with its own browser, you need to choose a separate location to display the decoded content. Despite the popular software, still, it is not as fast as other best barcode scanner app. However, to ensure safe access to the content Kaspersky’S QR scanner is the recommended choice.

QR code scanner app

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Another easy to use QR code scanner app that is quite essential for your iPhone and iPad is Qrafter. While the free version of this applications lets to scan QR codes, the paid version allows creating own QR codes. The response from the app is quick enough and also provides accurate results. Qrafter also gives the feasibility to get connected to Dropbox so that you can save all important data and access it at your convenience. Also, while creating the code, change the color and save them to a library or share them on social media sites. With the help of Qrafter, the user can extract URL, Tweets, phone numbers, email address, encrypted test, WiFi network information, vCard information and more.

QR code scanner app

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Quick Scan – QR Code Reader

Here is the highly competent QR code scanner app that can scan and decode any QR codes including URL, phone number, SMS, contact, detail, and more. Also, share the content via mail or message. Since it maintains a scan history, the user can comfortably access the QR code details even in the future. Make your life easier and convenient with this powerful and quicker QR code reader for iPhone, and iPad. Instantly scan the details of the product and get to know about its price and other required information within no time. This all in one QR scanner app features a simple interface and is easy to use. For a retail purpose, you can also prefer to have 2.4G Wireless Handheld 1D 2D QR Barcode Scanner with Receiver.

QR code scanner app

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The QR scanner app that excels in scanning QR code effortlessly is MixerBox. With MixerBox, scan 1D as well as 2D type codes. This sounds similar to the Wired Automatic Desktop 1D Barcode 2D QR Code Image Scanner Reader. The MixerBox is equipped with a flashlight feature which makes it easier to scan even in dark lit conditions. Access all the scans at any time as it stores the scanned data. This best QR/barcode scanner app supports multiple languages thus making it accessible to every user. It is completely easy to use, and the user can scan any code instantly to get the in-depth details of the product. Additionally, there is no need to have an internet access to make use of MixerBox QR scanner app.

QR Code scanner app

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  • Barcode scanner and Qr scanner app is very useful and is one of the most required app for android smartphone. i use this app very often when ever i visit a store and whenever i want to know about the products i purchase,i just scan the qr code and i get the details in just few seconds .

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