Awok App – 6 Reasons You Need To Download It Now

May 15, 2018

Awok is one of the popular e-commerce stores in Dubai, UAE that offers the best online shopping experience. Founded in 2013, this company serves the whole of Middle East and is gradually spreading across the globe. The company carries out its operations through its offices set up in different locations including India, Pakistan, Egypt, Singapore, China and a few others. It ships a wide range of products to around 120 countries by using its cross-border services. Awok believes in offering the best shopping experience by delivering excellent products at affordable prices.

Awok has made shopping easier by launching its mobile application on both iOS and Android platforms. This budding company strives to become the preferred online shopping destinations at both the Google Play Store and App Store platforms.

Reasons To Download Awok App:

As there are already several online shopping stores available, you might be wondering why to choose Awok and get its app on your smartphone. Well, the reasons are many.

1. Hassle-Free Shopping:

Awok online shopping is quite easy and convenient. It is the perfect shopping destination, which houses more than 1,00,000 products to select from. Just with a few taps, you can shop for all the products you need without the need of visiting another store. All you have to do is to choose your favorite products from many categories like Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Cameras, Clothes, Jewelry, Fashion, Home & Kitchen Appliances, Health & Beauty products, Toys & Games, Automotive, Stationery Supplies, Accessories and more. With so many options on offer, it’s no wonder you will be spoilt for choice. Besides the large collection of products from popular brands, you can also get complete information about selected items along with its specifications and price in UAE. What’s easier than this! Just install the app on your iOS or Android device and order products in a few taps.

Awok App

2. Everyday Deals:

Awok is best known not just for its large assortment of products, but also for the attractive deals it offers. Just visit the mobile app on either iOS or Android platform, you can notice the store offering some or the other deal every day without a miss. Awok flash sale, 1AED deals, daily deals, latest deals, and seasonal sales are some among them, which are active almost throughout the year. With Awok, a shopper need not worry about not finding special deals at the time of shopping.

Awok App

3. Affordable Price & Discounts:

Almost every product listed in the app comes with a discount. Whether you are new to the store or a regular customer of Awok, you are assured of availing discount on every product your purchase. Moreover, Awok mobile offers and discounts are not just limited to a specific category or item. Select any product you want from the list, and you are guaranteed exciting discounts. This particular reason makes Awok a preferable choice for online shopping and draw customers time and again.

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4. Notifications & Updates:

One of the best things that Awok does is to alert its customers with notifications and updates regarding everyday deals. This e-commerce company offers tons of exciting deals for shoppers to grab. Whenever there is a special Awok sale, or a new deal goes active, your app will display the notification immediately. Even if there are updates about new discounts or offers, there will be a pop-up alerting you of the latest information.

Awok App

5. Payment Methods & Security:

One more reason to download Awok app is its secure payment system. Protecting the customer’s details is something that Awok wouldn’t compromise on. Hence, the company implements a number of security policies and certificates to keep the shopper’s personal information and payment details confidential and safe. As for the payment methods, currently, it offers online payment and payment at the time of delivery options. However, it should be noted that cash on delivery option is presently available for UAE only.

Awok App

6. Customer Support:

Last but not the least reason for Awok apps download is the excellent customer service. Awok considers each and every shopper as the heart and soul of the company. It is them, because of whom the company is striving even harder to get on top of the growth ladder. Hence, the company offers assistance through its experienced customer support team for all the queries or concerns raised by shoppers regarding Awok online shopping. Be it a query about online payment, ordering process, or any reason, you can just call up or send an email to the customer support team, who will get back to you in no time.

Awok App

Hence, these are some of the key reasons that make any online shopper to choose the Awok app over others for their shopping needs. Other than good customer service, quality products, and affordable prices, there is nothing more a customer would ask for when shopping online. And when all these are guaranteed at Awok, there is no reason left to look for other options.

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