Apple in Plans To Debut New Macbook Air and Mac Mini

August 27, 2018

According to the latest Bloomberg report, the tech giant is to debut a new MacBook Air and updated Mac Mini with powerful features. Designed for both enthusiasts and professionals, these are now the most anticipated products in the Mac community. Following the MacBook Air tenth Anniversary, the company is about to surprise its fans with the new low-cost model. Here, we have rounded up all those MacBook Air rumors, release date as well as the update Mac Mini release date, rumors and the latest news on these Mac devices. Furthermore, It is speculated that Apple is in plans to unveil a new budget laptop to replace MacBook Air. Well! Before getting into more confusion, let us have a look for now at some of the rumors on the new MacBook Air model and a powerful Mac Mini rumors.

The New MacBook Air With Retina Display

Since many years, the MacBook Air is ought to be the most popular laptop. Until now, we couldn’t find a perfect replacement for this MacBook. Though the details are unclear, it is rumored that Apple is about to debut the new MacBook Air with a retina display. Furthermore, analysts predict this model to be the cheaper and may launch by the end of 2018. Now the question is will it be the same 13-inches model with the same name? Irrespective of the name and display screen size, we expect the MacBook Air 2018 to get an update even in terms of specifications. It may now get an upgraded processor with an integrated graphics card. And the older USB port will be replaced by USB-C. Following the current trend, the laptop can get thinner bezels with a 13-inches retina display. Few rumors also hint the upcoming MacBook Air to get the Super retina display as in Apple iPhone X. If a new MacBook Air boasts a retina display with the same internals and low cost, then it would definitely be the greater option over the present MacBook Air. However, we don’t think Apple will prefer not to change internal specifications in order to keep it at a minimal price.


MacBook Air 2018

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The Updated Mac Mini

Next to talk about is about the updated Mac Mini. It has not received any update for four years. Bloomberg didn’t include much information about the updated Mac Mini, but the new version will be called the Mac Mini Pro. While the present model doesn’t sport a keyboard, mouse or a monitor and it only suits the enthusiasts. The upcoming upgraded model will be a Pro version aimed for the professionals for software development. There is every chance of price getting escalated considering the internal specifications upgrade. It will now have a powerful eighth generation i7 processor with AMD Vega graphics, and 1TB of SSD storage. For more Storage one can prefer Best External Hard Drives For Mac In 2018 for backup storage. Moreover, it is likely to upgrade to Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports which are used in the PC’s or laptops to support 4K displays. All this is just a speculation of what Apple is planning to include in the updated model. Being a mini model, there is a less scope to include advanced hardware found in high-end computers.

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Mac Mini 2018

The specifications of the new MacBook Air and updated Mac Mini are currently unavailable for now. We are about to hear the official announcement of the MacBook Air release date along with the Mac Mini 2018 release date in the near future. After which we could get detailed info about these new Mac’s for 2018.

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