7 New iPhone XS Features, You Didn’t Know About

September 29, 2018

Recently, the tech giant introduced three new iPhones that created a great buzz around in the smartphone sector. One of them is Apple iPhone XS that is pronounced as Apple iPhone ‘10-S’. Though the Apple iPhone XS design seems to be similar to its last year version Apple iPhone, still there exist differences in terms of internals. In fact, Apple decided to discontinue Apple iPhone X may be due to give room for the latest entry smartphones. So, if you want to pick a great phone for 2018, then Apple iPhone XS is the best option to choose from. But, the point is, the tweaks inside make it really worth to pay for Apple iPhone XS price in UAE. Let us go through some of the iPhone XS hidden features that make it valuable and differ from any other smartphone.

Extra Antenna

The first hidden feature of the Apple iPhone XS is the extra antenna. This add-in feature supports Cat 16 Gigabit LTE that can deliver jaw-dropping enhancement in 4G performance. After going through several tests, it is revealed that the latest iPhones can deliver 2-3 times massive gain over Apple iPhone X. This is a quite useful feature for those who have a heavy data usage.

Apple iPhone XS

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iPhone Can Scan A Document

Ever imagined that scanning a document is as easy as taking a photo? Apple iPhone XS in Dubai makes it possible. While most of them use the camera app to scan a document, the iOS 11 or higher version makes it do the task with the Notes app. Just open the notes app, tap on the pencil icon and click on plus icon to choose the option to pick scan document. Scan any rectangular document and select the round button to outline corners. Tap on Keep scan to complete the scanning process.

Apple iPhone XS

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Secure Facial Recognition

There is no doubt that the Apple iPhone Face ID works pretty well. But, when compared to the Apple iPhone XS, it is a bit slower. The Apple iPhone XS get a great speed bump even in the bright sunlight. Though the mechanism to operate remain the same, but the iOS 12 allows Face ID to run effectively at a faster rate.

Apple iPhone XS

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Sign With Your iPhone

When you need to sign the document right away on your iPhone, make use of this Apple iPhone XS hidden feature that you are not aware of. Open the email attachment that needs to be signed and tap on pen tip icon placed on the top right corner. Tap the plus sign to pick the signature. Sign using the finger and tap done. Adjust the size, position and even change the ink color if required. Also, add date and time using the text and tap done.

Apple iPhone XS

iPhone As A Magnifying Glass

To use the Apple iPhone XS as a magnifier, go to settings–> Control Center–>customize controls. Tap on green plus sign next to magnifier. Next time when you want to make use of the feature, swipe up the control center and tap on magnifier icon to get a macro view. Adjust the zoom if required and tap on round button to freeze the image.

Apple iPhone XS

New Tool For Portrait Shots

To produce impressive images, Apple iPhone relies on portrait mode and Apple iPhone XS is nowhere an exception. In order to make it more better, the tech giant included a secret tool that let you adjust blur even after capturing the shot. There is a slider that allows changing depth of the field. Even the Apple iPhone XR single camera is capable enough to take portrait shots.

Apple iPhone XS

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Save Time With iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts

There are several shortcut keys on Apple iPhone XS that can make your task easier. Have you ever tried swiping from 123 to punctuation symbol to shift from 123 to ABC letter keys? Try out next time, it can save time. Holding down the emoji key to go to the keyboard setting straight away. And at the same time, it adds an extra keyboard.

Apple iphone XS

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