Apple iPhone X vs Apple iPhone XS Max: What to Expect

August 29, 2018

Since the Apple’s iPhone event is just a week away, the rumors on the upcoming iPhones are growing rapidly. Until now, we got to hear a bunch of details, leaks, and news about the three new iPhones that are expected to appear in September 2018. There are more leaks flowing through daily that come up with the latest information. All in all, Apple is reportedly in plans to launch three new iPhones- A larger version of Apple iPhone X which is believed to be Apple iPhone XS Max, less expensive version of Apple iPhone X that is ought to Apple iPhone 9 and the sequel of Apple iPhone X- Apple iPhone X 2018. This makes us understand that we may not get to see any new iPhone designs and all the three upcoming iPhones will be the clones of last year Apple iPhone X. Let me tell you since all the information is not made official, we suggest to take the details with a pinch of salt. Considering the rumors, let us take a step further and compare the basic Apple iPhone X to the larger Apple iPhone XS Max  and iPhone XS in terms of specifications, design, and price.

Apple iPhone X vs Apple iPhone XS Max: Design & Display

Last year, we got to three main iPhones that were a huge success, Apple iPhone 8, Apple iPhone 8 Plus and Apple iPhone X. Now that we are about to see the larger version, Apple iPhone XS Max, let us see how it differs in terms of design and display to its predecessor. Rumors suggest that the Apple iPhone XS Max will be the largest of the three iPhones. Being the Max version, it features a much larger display screen of 6.5-inches with slim bezels. It is unsure if it gets the same notch design or prefers to modify the design.

Apple iPhone X Plus

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Apple iPhone X vs Apple iPhone XS Max: Specifications

The Cupertino company preferred to change the design of an iPhone with the Apple iPhone X. The traditional Touch ID home button is completely removed and is given a notch on the top that houses Face ID. And all the upcoming iPhone models are to carry the same design. Some reports believe that instead of 5.8-inches screen, users will now get a 6.5-inches display size screen with an OLED panel. This model can offer the pixel density of around 500ppi. Since it is a plus version, you may now able to find the phone with the second-generation TrueDepth camera system. Moreover, you can expect the device to be powered by an A12 bionic chip that renders improved performance and 40 percent more battery life. While the current storage options are 64GB and 256GB, the Apple may choose to include even the 128GB option. Additionally, the upcoming iPhone may get the support of 3400mAh battery which leads to an increase in battery life.

Apple iPhone X Plus

Furthermore, the Cupertino company is yet to integrate faster-charging technology in its new iPhones in 2018. In at least one of the three iPhones, Apple may include the dual SIM feature and probably the iPhone XS Max can get this feature as in Android smartphones. As for the software, it is predicted to launch with the latest iOS 12 that doubles the performance and even launches apps at a faster rate.

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Apple iPhone X vs Apple iPhone XS Max: Price

While talking about the Apple iPhone XS Max price in UAE, it is sure to get a higher price tag as it gets plus-sized screen along with advanced features. The Apple iPhone X price in UAE is around AED 4639, and its Max variant may get the price tag of around AED 4744.
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  • A lot is been heard about Apple iPhone X plus specifications and features.this is coming up with biggest display screen ever and updated operating system ios 12 .Many rumors and speculated information is being spread about iPhone X plus smartphone.hope iPhone X plus matches the expectations and eagerly waiting for its release date.

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