Apple iPhone X Features Now On Android Smartphones

May 14, 2018

It is not new for Android to copy features of Apple iPhones. Apple has set the trend by introducing the notch design for it’s stunning iPhone X. Inspired by this design, most of the brands started offering their devices with the similar notch design. Seems like, this trend is going to stay for a while now. But apart from the notch design, we can expect another iPhone feature in Android.

So What Is This New Feature?

Last time, Google borrowed one of the features of iPhone X in UAE, which is the navigation gesture that allows easy switching between applications. With these Apple apps for Android feature, gestures can be used for navigation and change between apps.

Similarly, the upcoming Android P is anticipated to come with a single pill-shaped button in place of the back, home, and multitasking button. It is said that the back button on the Android P will be located inside the apps itself and there won’t be any specific key that appears on the screen.

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Swiping up the new key on the upcoming device will display a multitasking panel that includes the recent applications. Users can access the app drawer by swiping up the panel once again. And to go back to the home screen, users have to just tap on the key.

This feature of switching between different apps is exactly as seen in the Apple iPhone X in Dubai. In the Apple iPhone, the moment you remove your finger, you can get to the selected application. Google has offered this feature exactly as in the Apple iPhone X that lets users scroll between apps just by sliding the new home button.

Though Apple gained popularity as the first smartphone to have the notch design. But much before than Apple, it was LG which offered one of its phones with its top corner removed. But of course, Apple iPhone X’s notch design has garnered much attention and applauds, which is inspiring even its competitors to follow the same aspects. However, the company had to work on its software features and include new gestures suitable to the screen format, which is quite different than what we have seen on the Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models.

Here are the details of iPhone features in android, Apple apps for android, iPhone features over android, iPhone X in UAE, iPhone X in Dubai, Apple iPhone and iPhone X price in UAE

Samsung is currently one of its top contenders, which is also leading the mobile market with its successful smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S9, and Galaxy S8 Plus models. Till now, there is no phone from the brand that came with the similar notch, but some rumors are indicating that the company might come up with some of the Apple iPhone’s features in coming days. As for the other smartphones, recently the Huawei P20 & P20 Pro was launched with the notch design and the upcoming OnePlus 6 is also confirmed with the similar notch. Most recently, the Moto X5 is also rumored to come with iPhone X-like notch design.

Moving to the Apple iPhone X details, it is one of the most popular and successful smartphones of 2017. Compared to all other Apple iPhones, this one boasts many innovative features. Also, the Apple iPhone X price in UAE is expensive than its predecessors. This smartphone was specifically highlighted for its new notch design, animojis, Face ID, dual cameras and also for its technicalities. Currently, the iPhone X price in UAE ranges somewhere between AED 3699 and AED 4249 based on the specifications it comes with.

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