What Apple is Going to Launch On September 12, 2018

September 12, 2018

The Apple’s new launch event is scheduled for Wednesday i.e., on September 12, 2018. It has already sent out invites to press with a tagline as “Gather Around” beneath the golden ring. The golden ring resembles a power button. In this event, the Cupertino company is about to launch three new Apple iPhones 2018. The event is being held at Apple Park campus. This is the same place where the Apple iPhone X was unveiled in 2017. Though we only have a press invites, there are no much details specified of what Apple is going to launch in this event. From all those hidden clues, rumors and news, we rounded up some of the devices that the Cupertino company is about to introduce in this event.

Apple New iPhone models 2018

Firstly, the Apple is expected to introduce the new iPhone models such as iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. There is nothing much clear from the invites that are sent out. The high-end variants are likely to get an OLED display while the budget variant is given an LCD display in order to cut down costs. There is even a chance to see the plus variant of the budget variant that is said to be Apple iPhone XR Plus. It is still unsure what the upcoming Apple iPhones will be called as. Probably, the September 12 event should put an end to all the rumors.

iPhone 12 Sep event Dubai

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Apple Watch Series 4

Additionally, the Cupertino company is also set to launch a new Apple watch at this event. Rumored to be Apple Watch Series 4. With the main focus to increase the screen size up to 30 percent, the new watch is likely to make its appearance on September 12. Moreover, it is likely to get solid state buttons as well as improved heart rate detection.


apple watch 4

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Apple iPad Pro

At the same event, Apple could introduce the next generation Apple iPad Pro. It should probably be a huge success as it is likely to get the Apple iPhone X notch design with the rounded corners. Apparently, it will now have an advanced facial recognition system that will be able to identify users even in landscape. With the Apple iPad 2018, even the pencil stylus may get a major update. Some of the reports suggest it to be completely a new version with added software features. Since the upcoming Apple iPad Pro is getting huge updates we could also see a bump in price levels. However, the Apple iPad Pro 2018 with no home button, latest technical specification, and the advanced pencil stylus will definitely add some great value.

Apple iphone

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And More…

Certainly, Apple is in plans to launch more products. One of them would be the AirPower. This is the wireless charging mat that faced delays. And, finally, we may get to see at this upcoming Apple event. We should also probably find the AirPods charging case or a new version of Apple AirPods with the latest “Hey Siri” technology. There is even a probability to launch WatchOS 5, tv OS 12 and other operating system platforms. Since nothing is revealed from the Cupertino company, there are more surprises coming our way. We need to wait until the September 12 event to get full details of the upcoming Apple products.  Also, learn about MacBook pro-2018 release date and specifications.

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  • september 12 2018 is going to be a great day for apple as well as for apple iPhone lovers as it is speculated to launch 3 brand new smartphones named iPhone 9,iphone xs ,iPhone xs max along with that it is rumored that apple will soon launch apple watch series 4 along with these iPhones.
    cant wait more to know about iPhone 9 ,iPhone xs and iPhone Xs max features.

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