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June 1, 2018

There is a huge technological advancement, especially in the smartphone sector. Considering the advancement, there is an unspoken race that is going on especially to offer the world’s thinner smartphone. Well! Until now we have seen many prototypes and models that are featuring the best display ever with the thinnest ever smartphones. Ultra-thin smartphones are definitely a great choice for men and women. Their slim nature makes it handy and comfortable enough to fit into a pocket. When talking about the Apple iPhones, the latest iPhone X has created a separate trend with 3D facial recognition and a notch design. The next upcoming iPhone for 2018 is Apple iPhone 9 that is ought to be the cheaper phone with all screen design and holding the thinnest display ever. Here, let us take a deep look at what we know about the next iPhone.

What Will The Next iPhone Be Called As?

While it is still not clear of what the next iPhone be called as. According to the popular tipsters, the upcoming iPhone will be iPhone 8s and will be an upgrade over the present iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. And considering the present Apple’s naming pattern, we are missing out iPhone 9. We have both iPhone 8 and iPhone X. So, Apple is trying to fill in the gap with the Apple iPhone 9 release date. To keep it simple let us consider the next iPhone to be iPhone 9 and we are using the same throughout the article.

What To Expect From iPhone 9 Display?

Now that we have seen iPhone X with an all-new design and a controversial notch on the top. It is quite possible that the next generation iPhones may carry the same trend or even implement the new design. We have seen quite many changes as for the design, material used and manufacturing process through these years, especially for Apple iPhones. The latest iPhone X features edge-to-edge display and the upcoming iPhone 9 is expected to have near edge-to-edge OLED screen and will have the thinnest dimension possible. It is still not sure of how large the iPhone 9 display will be. It is further likely that the Cupertino company may release the same model in different sizes. Moreover, it is likely to get some new attractive colours. The device may boast 5.5-inches display of 1242 X 2800 pixel resolution. It is still unsure whether it gets the OLED or LCD display. If it is an LCD screen, then it will definitely show its impact on the Apple iPhone 9 price in UAE.


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Apple iPhone 9 Specs Rumor

As for the other Apple iPhone 9 specs, rumours and speculations suggest the device to have the same iPhone X TrueDepth Camera system thus giving scope for animojis and Face ID. It is more likely that Apple iPhone 9 will get a new branded chip which is Apple A12 which can enhance both battery and system performance. While the present Apple iPhone X features the A11 bionic chip, it is still not sure if Apple prefers to include the latest processor for the device that sits between iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Following the present Android smartphone trend, we can expect Apple to include a dual rear camera at least for the upcoming iPhone 9. There are even speculations rolling around that the tech giant may implement the same in the plus variant- iPhone 9 Plus. So, we could expect the Apple iPhone 9 camera to offer high-quality AR. Furthermore, it will get other additional features like SnapChat filters. Thanks to the upgraded camera which allows 3X optical zoom which is higher than compared to 2X optical zoom in iPhone 7 Plus.


While everything specified is a rumour, and there is no guarantee of what the upcoming iPhone will come up with. Well, if all Apple iPhone 9 rumours listed are to be true, then it would definitely be a potential upgrade from the present Apple iPhone design & specs. As for the Apple iPhone 9 price in UAE, it is expected to carry nearly the same price tag as iPhone 8. Apple is even in plans to launch few other variants of Apple iPhone X. It is rumoured that the Cupertino company will introduce three new smartphones in 2018. Here is everything about upcoming Apple iPhones 2018-2019. One would be the direct successor of iPhone X which is probably called as iPhone 11 or iPhone XI. The second phone is the larger variant that is named after iPhone 11 Plus or iPhone X Plus. The third one would be the iPhone 8 successor which is rumoured to iPhone 9 that could hold 6.1-inches display screen with either OLED or LCD screen. There is no much information about the Apple iPhone 9 release date. However, it is expected to appear sometime in 2018.

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