Apple iPhone 9 Release Date Rumours: Specs, Features, Price, News and More

June 27, 2018

Its been quite a long time since Apple iPhone 8 has been on the market. The next device to arrive after this is the iPhone X. Rumors have been doing rounds that there will be another device, probably named iPhone 9, which would sit in between these flagships. Different sources have been providing different details about the upcoming handset like iPhone 9 colors, iPhone 9 specs, its design as well as iPhone 9 price in Dubai.

Right now there is little information of what exactly the company is working on for the handset. But considering that Apple is known for introducing new aspects, advanced technology, and more upgrades, we can certainly hope the upcoming device to be a trendsetter. Hence, based on these sources, we are providing a few details of the upcoming Apple iPhone 9 along with its deals in Dubai.

Is The Apple’s Next Called The iPhone 9?

Although the next offering from the Cupertino company is called as the iPhone 9, there is no guarantee that it will be the confirmed name. And the reason, there is already iPhone X available in the market and naming the new device as iPhone 9 might make customers think of it as a step backward. Considering this, Apple may even name it as iPhone 8S. Even in the past, the brand has added the ‘S’ suffix to the existing models and released them with few upgrades. Hence, the same might repeat with this as well and some of the names we can anticipate for the next generation iPhone include Apple iPhone 9, iPhone 8S, New iPhone and iPhone 2018.

Apple iPhone 9

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Apple iPhone 9 Rumored Design And Specifications:


Considering the speculations being made about the Apple’s next, here are a few iPhone 9 features we are about to reveal. Starting with the display, this forthcoming handset is anticipated to sport a Super Retina display featuring a near-edge-to-edge OLED screen. This kind of screen was first introduced with the brand’s 10th-anniversary phone, hoping that it would set the standard for future Apple devices. On the other hand, a rumor earlier has mentioned that the company has shown interest in buying several LCDs from Japan, probably for offering an LCD screen. But most of the speculations now are hinting at an OLED display but without any details of the screen size.

Apple iPhone 9

The Cupertino company previously planned to launch around three phones this year with screen sizes ranging from 5.28-inches, 5.85-inches, and 6.46-inches. However, reports now mention that the brand might not include the former and instead, focus on the thing that works. Some sources also reveal the iPhone 9 news that the company will be working on the 3D-sensing hardware necessary for Face ID into the front shooter, while not going with the popular notch design for its next-generation device. When it comes to color schemes, there is still no news about the iPhone 9 color options.

Face ID:

If it is certain that Apple will opt for an all-front, near-edge-to-edge OLED screen for its next, then it may also remove the touch ID fingerprint scanner and instead use the Face ID face recognition feature.

Apple A12 Bionic Chip:

Looks like, Apple will come up with a new, custom-built chip for its upcoming handset and this chip will most probably be called the Apple A12. The last version Apple A11 Bionic, which is used in iPhone 8 Plus, offers a great performance. And with this new chip, the battery, as well as overall performance, is likely to be further improved. The A11 includes two high-performance cores that work faster than the A10 Fusion, which is seen in iPhone 7 Plus. Not only we may see changes in the performance, but also in the efficiency as well.

Apple iPhone 9


In the upcoming iPhone, there might be an 18-watt USB-C fast charger offered, reports suggest. Until now, the company has offered a 29-watt fast charger, as well as USB-C lightning cable. But this new device may include all the cables when it comes out.

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Apple iPhone 9 Release Date In UAE:

Since the beginning, the Cupertino company has followed a consistent date for its phone releases. Hence, this pattern makes it somewhat predictable about the iPhone 9 release date in Dubai. Considering the previous launch dates, we can anticipate the iPhone 9 release date to be on September 11 or September 12 this year.

Apple iPhone 9

Let us take a look at the pattern of the phones released by the brand till now.

Apple iPhone 5 Announced – September 12; Released – September 21
Apple iPhone 5S Announced – September 10; Released – September 20
Apple iPhone 6 Announced – September 9; Released – September 19
Apple iPhone 6S Announced – September 9; Released – September 25
Apple iPhone 7 Announced – September 7; Released – September 16
Apple iPhone 8 Announced – September 12; Released – September 22

Apple iPhone 9 Price In UAE:

There is still no idea about the actual iPhone 9 price in Dubai and the Dubai deals even from the iPhone 9 leaks or iPhone 9 specs, but it is anticipated that the iPhone 9 price in UAE might be closer to the price of Apple iPhone 8. If rough guesses are to be made, then the iPhone 9 price in UAE might range between AED 2570 and AED 2940. In addition to this, there are also some sources stating about iPhone 9X and iPhone 9 Plus devices. But there are no details about them to reveal yet.

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  • Iphone always come up with advancement in its features ,it might be the top notch or the face id recognition features .Apple always make changes in its upcoming versions of iPhones ,this is the best thing about apple. this iPhone 9 seems to have too many changed features. Hope the mobile is worth the price.

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