iPhone 2018, iPhone X Plus and iPhone 9 Everything Need to Know

August 29, 2018

So, What’s in store for us this year especially from the Apple? While we have been hearing many rumors, leaks pertaining to the upcoming iPhone models, it is rumors are quite nearer to the 2018 Upcoming iPhone models launch. There is much that is mysterious and even more confusing. With the launch that is just a couple of weeks away, the Upcoming iPhone 2018 rumors took its peak. If Apple follows the same schedule, then we could expect the launch to happen in the big event in the first half of September. From all those rumors and latest Bloomberg reports, here we will have a closer look at everything you need to know about upcoming iPhones including release date design, features, price and more.

Apple iPhones 2018

It is quite complicated to say what the next Upcoming iPhone be called as! But one of the iPhone flagships will be the sequel of last year iPhone X. This New iPhone 2018 is likely to get a bump in performance with the similar 5.8-inches screen. It may further have an advanced dual rear camera and may also get a longer battery life. Being the iPhone X sequel it will carry the similar notch design or it may prefer to have small design changes to differentiate the handsets. It can slim down the bezels and can also introduce new color shades into the iPhone lineup.

upcoming iPhone 2018

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iPhone X Plus

Here is the big one of the three upcoming Apple iPhone 2018 models. Rumored to be Apple iPhone X Plus, it is the 6.5-inches version of the Apple iPhone X. Being the advanced model, it is likely to get a new chip A12 that offers double processing power and graphical performance. Another possibility is to have the support of Apple pencil. This would be one of the reasons to buy and add up an accessory to your smartphone. Moreover, it will get a triple rear camera as in Huawei P20 Pro. If it is to be true, then this will be a major plus point for the Apple iPhone X Plus. The advanced processor, with the enhanced camera setup and the longer battery life, will make the plus variant best upcoming Apple iPhones  2018. Competing for the larger screen smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, the iPhone X Plus is much bigger which enhances the viewing experience. Additionally, all the upcoming Apple iPhones get the faster wireless charging technology support.

Upcoming iPhone 2018

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iPhone 9

If rumors are to be true, then the Upcoming Apple iPhone 9 will be the Apple’s entry-level handset offering iPhone X like screen size with LCD display screen. It features the Face ID technology but probably with no support for 3D touch. Furthermore, to cut down costs, it may even ditch dual rear camera lenses on the rear. It adopts the all-screen design as iPhone X with no home button. Having an LCD display, the iPhone 9 may get a metal build rather than glass. So, you won’t get to experience wireless charging feature with the cheaper model of Apple iPhone X. However, few rumors also hint for the Apple smartphone to have a glass rear with the support of wireless charging. The metal back would result in different color options including blue, yellow and pink. The company intends to launch it in different color shades is probably to differentiate LCD model from the OLED models.

Upcoming iPhone 2018

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Apart from the Apple iPhone 2018 models, the Cupertino company is even planning to launch the new MacBook Pro, and Apple Watch 4. Moreover, we may get to see the fourth iPhone- iPhone SE 2.

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  • Nice blog ,it had good collection of iPhone 9,iPhone x plus.these are going to come up with bigger display screens . finger print sensor at the back is the past as every brand is coming up with finger print sensor under the display , so is apple gonna do.2018 is going to be the year of ios and iphones ,as many iphones are expected to be launched this year.

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  • apple always surprises its users with updates and advanced features in its every newly launched smartphones,apple iphones will be always updated with new technology and features.its the turn of Iphone X plus to amaze its users with its splendid operations.hope to see iPhone X plus very soon in the market.

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