Apple Car: News, Rumors, Price and Release Date

January 3, 2019

Though a bit surprising, but it is quite evident for everyone that Apple is in works on something interesting! Yes, Apple is working on a car-related project. Until now we have seen all the rumors and news saying the Cupertino company releasing new iPhones. This time it is again in news, but not in terms of gadgets, it is likely to reveal a new Apple car. It is believed to be working on an electric vehicle project which will take a few years to head down on the road. This secret project of the Apple iCar is hidden in the lab named “SG5” and is claimed to be known as “Project Titan”. Moreover, this secret automotive project is under the cover of the company “SixyEight Research”. Whatever you call it Apple car! Icar! Or a Project Titan! One thing is sure that Apple is trying to enter the automotive industry with this project. Here is everything that you need to know about the Apple car release date, news, and rumors that we have heard so far.

Apple iCar Release Date

The popular iPhone maker is in the news of building its first ever new car. According to the top Hong-Kong based Apple analyst, the Apple iCar would appear between 2023 and 2025. Ming-Chi Kuo along with the KGU securities sent out a note to investors specifying the expected products from the Cupertino company. In the note, he specified about the Apple car in UAE that will disrupt the international market and gives out a strong fight to the likes of the Toyota and Tesla. Though there are no details specifying its release date, rumors hint its release to happen in 2023. Interestingly, Apple also has most permits to operate the self-driving cars in California, than any other companies and other automakers. apple car


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What We Know So Far?

From all those information gathered, it is known that Apple car is been in works since 2014 with the name “Project Titan”. Around 1000 employees are said to be working on this electric vehicle project at the secret location that is nearer to Apple headquarters. Initially, when the project started, around 200 employees were focusing on the project. Currently, Waymo’s senior engineer, Jaime Waydo is said to be leading this field of the self-driving car technology. Addition of Waydo this Apple car in Dubai project would definitely serve as a boon to Apple. Apart from this, the Cupertino company also hired folks from A123 systems. This company mainly focuses on developing electric vehicle batteries. Recently, Apple also hired employees from BlackBerry especially, Dan Dodge who was once ahead of the BlackBerry automotive software division. Now, the question that arises in our mind is, whether Apple is developing an Apple car from scratch? Well! We don’t think so! We all are aware of the fact that Apple is one among those technology companies who are trying to build autonomous technology that is powering futuristic vehicles. Though there are multiple rumors that suggest that Apple has shifted its focus to autonomous driving software rather than the full-on car, but the latest rehiring of the Tesla engineer led to another speculation of Apple exploring the new car option.

apple car

The popular Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo states that the next product from Apple would be an integration of better hardware, software, and services. Further rumors also suggest Apple plans to pick some stale with McLaren so as to make the Apple iCar a reality. McLaren’s group is the popular supplier of electronics to F1 and Nascar racing, thus making it an ideal choice to proceed with the Apple self-driving car project. Additionally, the Cupertino company also signed a non-disclosure agreement with a South Korean battery manufacturer for the cylindrical Li-Ion batteries. These batteries are expected to drive the Apple driverless car. We all are aware of the fact that almost all the automobile manufacturers including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Ford, and GM are trying to develop a driverless car. And the entry of Apple into this market will definitely create more disruptions.

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Shreds of evidence That Prove Apple Works in Automated Car

After going through several rumors since years, we have succeeded in gathering some of the prominent evidence that suggests the Apple work in new Apple iCar. Firstly, one of the Apple employees who is part of the Apple automotive project is been charged by FBI for stealing the stole trade secrets of this project. Though there is little information about the case, it is clear that the Apple car project is ongoing and we can find numerous people involved in this project. Another clearest sign of Apple interest in the car industry is its hiring. Recently in December 2018, Apple hired Andrew Kim from Tesla. Previously, it was Doug Field who was hired. Rumors also suggest that in July 2015, Apple hired Doug Betts who was a veteran in the car industry. Since then, we have seen several automobile experts moving into the project. Furthermore, it is speculated that Apple is collaborating with the Volkswagen in order to develop a driverless vehicle. According to the report from NewYork times, “Apple has signed a deal with Volkswagen to turn some of the carmaker’s new T6 Transporter vans into Apple’s self-driving shuttles for employees.” In the past, Apple also tried to strike in deals with BMW, and Mercedes Benz in order to make the all-electric driverless car concept a reality. Early in January 2016, Apple took a lot of car related domain names including apple. auto, and It was actually purchased back in December 2015 and is brought into the light by Whois which is well known to find information about the specific domain names and IP address. Though this hint doesn’t completely hint for the Apple car, still all other hints suggest the existence of the Apple iCar.

apple car

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What Could the Apple iCar Offer?

Though we are not sure about the existence of the Apple car, some of the leaks, rumors, and reports give us a basic glimpse of what is all involved in this driverless Apple car project.

– Replacing the clunky lidar system as in all the autonomous cars, we may now please to find a more aesthetically pleasing driving system.
– Presence of automatic door that opens and closes silently.
– Being a driverless car, we may find an interior that is without a steering wheel. This suggests the futuristic car be fully autonomous.
– For entertainment purpose, you may find the presence of augmented reality striking off the interior display.

apple car

So, it is quite clear that Apple is focusing on to power the new mobility experience by collaborating with many car companies. It is working on the main goal to render self-driving car guidance system to app-related experiences to passengers. If this comes into reality, then it would surely be sold out as the primary business model.

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What Could be the Apple iCar Price?

Yes! It is true that there is no official confirmation about the availability of the Apple iCar. So, it is a bit too early to predict the Apple iCar price. However, if we predict its presence and consider, then it may carry almost the similar price tag as Tesla’s latest car as they are claimed to be the automotive industry rivals. If this is so, then iCar would definitely not be the cheapest option but will be the thing of beauty and integration of advanced technology. However, few other tech analysts predict the iCar price could be around $55000 which is almost half the price of Tesla’s Model S price.

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