Apple AirPods 2: Release date, features, price and Rumours

December 3, 2018

Tired of using headphone jacks while driving to office? Planning to buy Air Pods in the coming year? The tech giant Apple Corporation is going to amaze you with its breakthrough revolution of high-tech wireless earbuds through its AirPods series to make your life convenient. After the successful launch of its predecessor Apple AirPods in September 2016, the smartphone leader is thriving to bring its second-generation Apple AirPods 2 in early 2019 with some spectacular features. So, gear up to dive into the magnificent features that would make you look it in awe.

Apple AirPods 2 Specifications

With an enhanced sound quality to give you a better bass effect, Apple AirPods 2 probably seems to bring a wireless charging support though it is not sure whether they would come with an advanced hinge in the case to bring a whole new listening experience to its fans in Dubai. Moreover, with an increasing demand and uproar of excitement by its fans in Dubai, Apple is planning to open its wings to provide water-resistant features to its Apple AirPods 2, so all those tech geeks who always experienced difficulty to protect their earbuds from any damage due to their clumsiness would probably get a treat in early 2019 in the form of Apple’s renowned AirPods series. Apart from its high-end specs, Ming-Chi Kuo states that the new  Apple AirPods 2 would have a very sleek stylish body with a completely reformed and awe-inspiring design that would make you dread for its launch.  The new Apple AirPods 2 might have biometric sensor implanted in it for all its fans in UAE, Dubai and other regions of the world who are conscious enough to monitor their pulse rate once in a while in order to remain healthy.

Apple AirPods 2

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The groundbreaking feature of voice activation would also be enabled in Apple AirPods 2 to help you get facilitated with Apple’s inbuilt personal assistant who makes you get done with your daily hassles. Simply by uttering, “Hi Siri” to it.  Moreover, the novelty of this ground-breaking Apple AirPods 2 is its noise-cancellation feature that amplifies your music experience. You can also charge it through Apple’s exclusive AirPower wireless charging pad that is expected to launch with AirPods 2 in the first quarter of 2019.

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Apple AirPods 2 Release Date

Though the enthusiasm of the exclusive AirPod series is at the peak among its fans in Dubai and UAE, AirPods 2 is likely to be launched in the first quarter of 2019. Being the most famous accessory in all the sub-brands of Apple Incorporation, AirPods would likely enrage its user with zeal and grace that they are hoping to have in the second generation of AirPods series.

Apple AirPods 2

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Apple AirPods 2 Price in Dubai

AirPods 2 price in Dubai is expected to be pretty much higher than its predecessor.  Though the official price tag has not been mentioned AirPods 2 is expected to be sold at an exponential rate as iPhone users are anxiously waiting for its launch. The technologically advanced Apple device is going to be premium charged at a price of around 580 AED. The price bump in it can be specifically due to its technically advanced structure and ultra-modern specs

So snatch it up at your earliest once it gets released in the market. In the meanwhile, if you are planning to buy Apple AirPower Mat, you can check out its reviews over here: Apple AirPower Wireless Charging Mat Release Date & Price

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