Android to iPhone – The Ultimate Switching Guide

February 8, 2018

Are you an Android user who wants to switch to iOS? You are not alone. Apple iPhones are very much advanced and pack in some astounding features that attract anyone. For instance, there is the iPhone X price in UAE, which is bestowed with amazing aspects like the Face ID, animojis, and bezel-less display to name a few. No wonder if you have a desire to switch to iOS considering the innovative elements it comes with. Besides, Apple has also launched an app using which, all the contacts, music files, images and other stuff from an Android phone can be easily transferred to an iOS device. Hence, here are a few steps that help to change to iOS from Android.

1. Using Move To iOS Android App:

The Move to iOS Android is an app released by Apple that is used for transferring all the necessary data from Android phones to iOS devices. It can wirelessly transfer images, videos, messages, contacts, email accounts and others. Once the transfer is complete, the app notifies you to recycle the phone. The Move to iOS Android app is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store.


2. Transfer Contacts:

Apart from the above method, there are other ways of transferring contacts from Android to Apple iPhones. Generally, almost all the contacts on your Android phone are synced with your Google accounts such as Gmail and Google Play etc. Hence, before starting the process, remember to back up all your data. To do this, go to Settings, select Accounts, and Sync. Provide your Gmail account details and allow for synchronization. Next, unlock the iPhone, go to Settings and choose Accounts as well as Passwords. Once done, add your Gmail account to it.


3. Android SIM in an iPhone:

The SIM used in an Android device such as Samsung Galaxy S8 price in Dubai can be placed on an iPhone too if it takes the same size of SIM. The first step to follow is to ensure all the contacts are saved in the SIM. And then, place in it the iPhone SIM card slot. Once done, select Settings, Contacts and then import SIM contacts. After importing, you can replace it with the original card.


4. Switching Apps Between Android And iPhone:

One thing to note when transferring apps is that, if you have paid for an app on Google Play Store, then you have to pay on the Apple Store as well. However, most of the Android apps are available on the iOS too. For any in-app purchases, if you have signed up for extra service that can be still accessed on the iPhone, simple steps to transfer android to iphone.


5. Transfer Images & Videos:

It is rather simple to switch all the photos and videos from Android to iOS by downloading a data-transferring application. Apple App Store has many such similar apps, but they should be available on the Play Store too. After installing the app on both the devices, it guides you through every step of the process. There is another way to transfer images and that is of using a computer with iTunes. For this, you have to select the images, and videos, transfer them to a computer, sync them to iTunes and then to the iPhone using iTunes. Besides, photo transferring can be done by connecting the Android device to a PC or MAC also. After selecting the files, just drag them to a folder on your PC. Next, connect the iPhone to a computer or MAC, open iTunes, and select iPhone. Choose Photos, tap on the Sync Photos from the option, and select the folder where you want to save the files. Click Apply for the images to get synced to the iOS device.This is the simplest way to transfer data from android to iPhone.


6. Transfer Music:

The process of transferring music from Android to iOS is almost the same. You have to select the music files from your phone, plug into a computer, get them into iTunes and sync it with iPhone. In all this, you must ensure to back up the Android data on your computer.


So, these are the steps you can follow to switch your data from Android to the iOS device. Besides this, you can also know about the 8 tips to boost the performance of Android devices, if you are an Android user.Read more to learn new and simple methods to transfer data between iPhones and Pc in easy steps and also know easy steps to backup your data.

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