Acer Swift 7 Price in Dubai UAE, Review and Specification

March 11, 2019

Nobody really has ever even minutely doubted the expertise of Acer because it is always evident in their computing products and laptops. After featuring adept laptops back to back Acer set forth its Swift 7. Among the many dexterous computers and laptops that we have tested and formed opinions about, Acer Swift 7 has ended up at quite a dazzling spot. And also received a remarkable success too because it ended up hugely appeasing the hearts of the audience. And if you are a true Acer devotee, you would know that there hasn’t been a tad of overstatement in whatever we said above.


It serves as one of the thinnest laptops produced on the face of the earth because it is just 8.98mm thick. From pictures, you may not get a perfect idea but once you unbox it, you would be astonished seeing how slim it really is. It weighs just 1.2kg and has dimensions of precisely up to 8.98 x 328 x 237mm. Featuring ultra-thin chassis, Acer Swift 7 looks very premium. It feels solid enough to withstand basic abrasion. You will find some detailing on it too like matching glossy banding around the touchpad and the fingerprint sensor, or the subtle branding along the hinge bar.
Even though it is skinny as hell yet still it houses room for various connectivity ports too. There are two Type-C USB ports onto the left side, next to the headphone jack. On the opposite side, you’ll find a SIM tray positioned alongside the power button. You get an additional USB hub by Acer inside the box that plugs into one of those USB ports and gives you a full-sized USB 3.1 to play with, plus an HDMI connection for outputting to displays.

Acer Swift 7

Acer Swift 7 DISPLAY:

It features a 14-inch IPS panel which doesn’t just give you amazingly comfortable viewing angles but also immerses you in its precise and vibrant display resolutions. The screen was just about bright enough to counter direct sunlight too. The most notable part of its magnificent display is that the Full HD resolution keeps images sharp, while colors are also accurately represented. Full coverage of the sRGB range will suit any photo editors, and vibrant hues offer plenty of punch. Coverage of 76% of the Adobe RGB gamut is typical.

Acer Swift 7

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Of course, the performance is unmatchable. After all, Acer has managed to slip a 1.3GHz Intel Core i7-7Y75 processing unit inside it which is backed by 8GB of DDR3 RAM. And this means you get surprisingly dexterous usability from Acer Swift 7.

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Acer has packed a 4580mAh battery inside the slender body of Acer Swift 7 which bolsters all the multitasking and the internal hardware effectively well. Even with a hardcore usage, it is compatible to last happily for about a day and when charging back up, the Swift 7’s battery is normally filled within two hours, even if you’re using it at the time.

Acer Swift 7

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