8 Secret Functions Of Android Smartphones

January 23, 2018

Today, there are several phones available today from top brands at different Android phones price in Dubai. Considering the fact that we dedicate most of our time on our smartphones, we might think of ourselves to be familiar with all its features. But the truth is, there are many hidden aspects of Android-powered devices that we have no idea about. So, here we are to let you know the secret functions that you can try on your Android smartphones.

1. Acts As A Remote Control:

You might be surprised to know that your handset actually has the ability to function as a remote control. But this feature can be activated only if your phone has IR blasters. By installing a TV remote app, you can start controlling your television or any other device that receives IR signals.


2. Save Battery Life:

One of the problems with smartphones is their batteries tend to drain fast with the continuous or heavy use of apps, games, browsing or any other activities. Besides, the large display screens are also one of the factors that cause this problem, especially if you choose colorful or animated wallpapers. But replacing them with dark or black colored wallpapers will turn off the automatic highlighting of pixels and thus, helps preserve your phone’s battery levels.


3. Head Movements:

Do you know that you can use your head movements to control your device? You are wrong if you think that it as a new feature similar to the Face ID on the Apple iPhone X. To try this, you need to just install a free application named, EVA Facial Mouse from the Google Play Store. Using this app, you can easily control your phone with your head movements. You will find this app interesting and useful, especially in situations when your hands are occupied.


4. Hotspot Mode:

With an Android smartphone, you won’t have a need to rely on a separate 3G modem or a router to connect to the internet. As you can do so using your smartphone itself by turning on the Hotspot mode. To activate this feature, just go to “Settings”, choose “Tethering and portable hotspot” and select “Portable WLAN hotspot.” In no time, you can turn your device into a router.


5. Hidden Game:

The first thing we do is to go to the play store for downloading our favorite game. But the fact that most of us don’t know about is, Android smartphones come with a secret game that is hard to find. But not anymore. To get your hands on the game, go to “Settings”, choose “About phone” and tap the Android version several times. When a small marshmallow shows up on the screen, tap quickly so that it activates the hidden game.


6. Guest Mode:

It is possible to create a guest mode on your smartphone just like you do on a PC. To turn this mode on, swipe down from the top and select the user icon that appears on the upper right. Choose “Add guest icon”, which lets you select certain actions that you allow the guest to use on your device.


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7. Text-To-Speech:

Isn’t it interesting that you can actually listen to an article or anything on the web instead of just reading it? In order to activate this feature, go to “Settings”, “Accessibility” and select “Text-to-speech output.” Follow these instructions and you will have your device read everything to you.


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8. Screen Magnifier:

For smartphone users with vision issues, this is a very useful feature we suggest to try out. This helps you to zoom in or increase the size of content on the screen just with a few taps. To turn on this feature, select “Settings”, go to “Accessibility” and then choose “Magnifying Gestures.”


Hence, these are some of the secret functions to try on Android devices, regardless of their smartphone price in Dubai and UAE. Besides this, we also provide useful information along with 8 tips to improve battery life on Android smartphones, which you may want to try out. check out 10 Best WiFi hacking apps for android , Free Android Camera Apps For 2018.

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