7 Ways To Get Fit Using The Apple SmartWatch

January 30, 2018

Do you have any fitness goals? If so, get an Apple smartwatch and start accomplishing your dream. There are few smartwatch models from the brand that are widely used these days by fitness freaks. Of them, Apple Watch 3 price in UAE is apt considering its excellent aspects, while the Apple Watch Sport Series 1 price in Dubai goes a bit high. Apart from displaying time, these devices also perform a number of functions like tracking the heart rate, measuring the number of calories burned, monitors overall health, gives daily summaries and many more.

Using these smartwatches in Dubai, you make changes in your lifestyle while keeping up with your health goals. Hence, here are a few tips you can follow to reach your fitness goals using the Apple smartwatches.

1. Better Sleep:

It is very much important to have a sound sleep every day, especially when you are on a specific diet plan, trying to lose weight or getting into proper shape. Improper sleep can affect even the best plan that you might have been following for a long time. But a good sleep not only improves your overall health but also rejuvenates your mind and restores damaged tissues in your body. With the help of a smartwatch, you can start tracking your sleep timings using apps like Auto Sleep, Beddit, and a few others. Not only these apps help to monitor the sleep patterns but these will also let you know the changes you are required to make for a better sleep.


2. Stand Ring:

Apple smartwatches give a notification to the users to stand for a minute or two and move around during 12 different hours in a day. Sitting continuously for long hours, especially in the workplace leads to many negative effects on overall health and fitness. You don’t have to do vigorous workouts or take up challenging tasks. Just take a few minutes of walk, grab a cup of coffee, stretch your muscles or just take the stairs to break your sedentary cycle.


3. Calorie Count Status:

Apple smartwatches are designed to keep track of heart rate readings, workouts, and other physical activities to give you an accurate report of total calories burned. These gadgets with Activity and Workout apps gives information about active calories along with burned calorie count. Using this data, you will know how much more workout your body needs and plan accordingly.


4. Sharing:

On these devices, it is possible to share other users in the Activity app under the sharing section. This way you can share your fitness plans with others and let them also motivate you in reaching your goal. Besides, you can also compare with their activities and try to improve yourself day-by-day.


5. Green Ring:

The green ring in the Apple smartwatches represents exercise. The device considers any activity as an exercise if its intensity equals to that of a brisk walk or more. In some cases, you might find it simple to complete this green ring, especially when you are moderately active. In such cases, you can set your own Green ring goals and increase it over time.


6. Micro Goals:

Creating small goals every day is highly suggested, which you can gradually adopt them as new habits. Think of something new and better each day like increasing the exercise ring time, setting the mini Move target during lunch hours or complete around 100 to 200 steps in an hour. Setting up such targets and accomplishing them will help you reach your main goal while improving your fitness levels too.

7. Monitoring Heart Rate:

Apple’s smartwatches are excellent when it comes to monitoring the heart rate. In the Health App, these devices give stats of everything you do even when working out, resting, walking or sleeping. These recover the heart rates, which you can use to improve your workouts further with the help of a few fitness apps. Besides, it also gives stats of the Resting Heart Rate (RHR) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV). A lower resting heart rate indicates better fitness, while the raised resting heart rate can be a sign of overtraining or any illness. Using these details, you can make changes to your workout schedule without any negative effect on your health.


Apart from the above-mentioned devices, the upcoming Apple Watch 4 is said to have much-improved features compared to the previous models. Many sources are stating that Apple Watch 4 might sport the EKG heart monitor, which is helpful to identify abnormalities in the heart. This Apple Watch 4 price in UAE is not known yet, but it might be available in two variants at a varying price. Read more about Samsung Galaxy Watch Release Date 2018.

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