7 Tools You Should Always Keep in Your Car

January 8, 2018

Staying safe on the road is utmost important, whether you are driving a long distance or just down your street. Having a set of essential tools in your car’s trunk is always suggested as it keeps you prepared in case of sudden breakdown or any other emergency situations. Hence, here we list out the 7 necessary tools available at low price in UAE that you must have in your car always.

 1. Portable Auto Air Compressor:

This portable air compressor is one of the best tools you need to have if you own a car. The tool with a built-in pressure gauge helps to keep track of the tire’s pressure. It also includes readings necessary when pumping air into the tire or any other inflatable object. This auto air compressor runs on a rechargeable battery, which can be plugged into your car’s 12V accessory outlet. Besides, its compact design helps to carry it easily and store anywhere.


2. Hydraulic Trolley Jack:

A hydraulic trolley jack is used to lift heavy loads by applying force to a certain extent. This tool is required especially when you need access to the bottom of your car, or when replacing the tire. By placing it beneath the car, you can lift your car up applying some hydraulic pressure. It comes with a rotating 360-degree handle that lets you use it at any angle. Besides, it also features 360 degrees swivel casters that allow for easy and firm positioning.


3. Tow Cable:

One of the important things you need for towing your vehicle is a towing cable. When your car breaks down or stuck in the mud, it needs to be pulled out with the help of another vehicle. Using a towing cable, you can couple your car with another vehicle, which will then pull and move it from one place to another. It comes with forged hooks for attaching one end to another. Besides, it absorbs vibrations and makes the towing process easier.


4. Car Scratch Repair Filler & Sealer Pen:

A must-have tool for car owners, this scratch repair pen is used for removing scratches from the vehicle quickly and easily. The pen comes with a non-toxic material, which has no smell and is resistant to water. With just a few applications of the material on the affected area, you can safely repair scratches on your car in no time.


5. COB LED Work Light:

This LED work light is of utmost use for checking details in the dark. This device with 3W COB (chip on board) light offers good light and helps you spot things even in a dimly lighted area. It is offered with USB charging capabilities and uses the COB LED light technology. Available in a compact design, it is easy to hold and fits perfectly in your pocket. Besides, it is foldable, lightweight and tilts up to 90 degrees.


6. Car Fire Extinguisher:

Car fire extinguishers are just like the regular fire extinguishers, which are used to put down or control small fires in your vehicle. It comes in a compact design, light in weight and has fast extinguishing speed. As it comes with a stand, you can place it anywhere in the car, which is easy for your reach. Having this tool in your car ensures safety in case of sudden and dangerous fire situations.


7. Dent & Ding Repair Kit:

The dent and ding repair kit from Pops-A-Dent is one of the must-have tools in your car. It is developed and used by professionals in the automobile sector. The repair kit is available with unique patent-pending bridge and adhesive system designs. It includes a knockdown tool, 3 pulling discs, special adhesive and instructions book. Any vehicle owner can buy this kit at an inexpensive price in Dubai to remove dents, hail damage and shopping cart dings without causing any damage to the car.


Hence, the above mentioned are some of the essential tools you must carry in your car wherever you travel. In addition, you can also check out 9 best car gadgets which you can buy for your vehicle.

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