5 Best Hair Straighteners For Any Type Of Hair

January 4, 2018

Opt for hair styling if you want to give yourself a great makeover. Today, there are an array of products available in UAE market, which you can own and style your hair yourself instead of visiting beauty saloons. The hair straightener is one of the several products available from several brands. It varies in terms of features, hair type and price. However, the hair straightener price in Dubai is mostly in a budget range, with no compromise in quality and functioning. Hence, let us have a look at some of these product models, which you might want to buy for your styling needs.


1. Nova Hair Straightener:

Nova offers its NHC-499CR hair straightener for all the women who wish to straighten their hair in no time. This device looks stylish, easy to carry, and is suitable for both straightening and curling the hair. It comes with a ceramic coating that helps to style your hair seamlessly while ensuring the best standards of hair grooming.1

2. Sonashi Travel Hair Straightener And Dryer Set:

This hair straightener and dryer set from Sonashi is the best pick that guarantees salon-like quality finish while retaining the health of hair. It has an ergonomic styled body and up to 1200W of drying power, which offers good results in just a few minutes. It allows for easy maneuverability and you can adjust the speed as well as temperature as suitable for your hair texture and type. As the device is compact, you can carry it easily in your bag wherever you travel.2

3. HTC Professional Hair Curler & Straightener:

One of the finest hair straightening products in UAE are available from HTC. This specific model lets you perfect your hairstyle either by straightening or curling it, as per your choice. It is nothing less than a product used by professionals. This HTC product is compact and stylish. With this, you can create long-lasting curls or straighten the hair in a less time, besides making them look smooth and shiny.3

4. Impex Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush:

The Ceramic hair straightener brush from Impex is another good product for hair styling purposes. This latest device is available with several features like an LCD screen to display temperature, automatically turns off after 60 minutes of use, heats up fast and includes 3D ceramic bristles that gently straightens your hair. You can control the heat for up to 230 degrees and its 6-ft swivel cord, which further simplifies its usage.4

5. Braun Satin Hair Straightener:

Braun Satin Hair Straightener is another model to make it on this list. It is definitely a good product that guarantees the best hair treatment in Dubai. Featuring three wide plates and ceramic coating, the device ensures quick straightening for hair of any type and size. It comes with 13 different temperature settings that allow for maximum styling flexibility.5

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  • The best I’ve used is the Karmin.

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