10 Ways To Keep Your Windows 10 Safe From Virus

July 26, 2018

Is your Windows 10 PC running slow or behaving unusual, then probably the system is infected by a virus, malware or any spyware. Though Windows 10 latest version free download gives access to the inbuilt antivirus software Windows Defender, still there is a scope for the PC or laptop to get infected by a virus. Along with the technological advancement, even the professional hackers around are implementing advanced technologies to inject a virus into the victim device. As it is known, prevention is better than cure. So, it is better to understand some methods that can keep your Windows 10 safe from virus. Implement these techniques to remain safe and secure, so as to prevent any virus from infecting your PC or laptop.

Install Best Antivirus For Windows 10

Though Windows 10 has an integrated antivirus system, it is always advisable to use the best Antivirus for Windows 10 that can get rid or protect you from the dangerous viruses. Once the Windows 10 latest version is downloaded, make sure to have the Antivirus software installed to make the device free from any virus attacks.

Always Upgrade Windows 10 To Latest Version

Use the latest version of Windows 10 doesn’t mean that you are updated. Microsoft often releases the updates by integrating new features and advanced security mechanisms. Never miss out any by missing out the update. If you want the device to be protected, upgrade to the latest version.

keep Windows 10 safe from virus

Keep The Antivirus Software Up To Date

If you are having Windows defender as an Antivirus, then it gets updated as soon as you update Windows 10. In case there is an external antivirus, they prefer to update it regularly to enjoy the benefits of advanced features.

Protect Windows 10 From virus

Think Twice Before You Click on Download

While trying to install the third-party software, prefer to download from the trusted websites. Make sure to download the required application from the site running on HTTPS protocol. Hackers use this as a source to push virus, malware along with downloaded data. Double check before you download any link.

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Update Browser Regularly

Browsers are one of the common gateways for viruses. So, use an appropriate browser and update it regularly. Ensure to have the necessary security settings to let you know about any malicious sites.

Keep Windows 10 Safe from virus

Always Use Trusted And Secure Web Browser

There exist many best web browsers for Android device as well as for Windows 10 operating system. Choose the best and trusted web browser that can make your browsing session safe and secure.

Email Attachments Act As A Gateway

The best gateway for the virus and other malware attacks is email. The hacker sends an email attachment which is self-programmed. Once the victim opens the attachment, automatically the virus spread over the device thereby attempting to steal any important information. So, don’t prefer to open an email attachment from an unintended sender.

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Don’t Prefer Open WiFi

Though Open WiFi seems to be advantageous at times, still it is not secure enough to log in. Since several unknown users are connected to the same network, there are several chances of getting infected with a virus.

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Use Strong Passwords

Hacking passwords is not a big deal for the professional hackers. By injecting a virus, they can almost get any password that is used for every type of account. So, it is recommended not to use the same password for multiple accounts especially the bank account. Normally, we prefer to use the same username as a password which is quite easy to steal. It is better to generate a strong password with special characters, capital letters and numerical which makes it difficult to hack. Here are some tips to make your smartphone or PC hack proof.

Keep Windows 10 Safe from virus


Finally! Data Backup Is Essential

Either if the Windows PC is infected or not, but the best thing that we can do before anything is lost is to have a data backup. Maintaining different locations to store your data can seem to be quite helpful if in case the system is being hacked. Store the data on an external hard drive, separate storage device or any other PC. This is an essential task to do so as to secure data on Windows 10. In case you find that the data is lost, then here are 10 free data recovery software tools to get back the data.

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