10 Kitchen Tools To Make Your Breakfast Quick & Easy

January 29, 2018

Because of busy work schedules, you might often find it difficult to prepare different breakfast recipes. In order to save time, you might end up ordering something or just go hungry. But there are some basic kitchen tools using which, you can cook breakfast easily and quickly. So, we list out a few kitchen utensils and equipment that you can start using for cooking breakfast in a less time.

1. Non-Stick Sandwich Maker:

A sandwich is one of the best options for breakfast, which are easy to make using a non-stick Sandwich maker. This cooking accessory is very easy and convenient to use by anyone. You can try a variety of recipes using this maker. Or you can simply make one by adding necessary stuff between two bread slices and place it in the maker. In no time, your sandwich will be ready for eating.


2. Bread Toaster:

If you are fond of bread toasts, then do not give a second thought of having them in your breakfast. The tool that you need for preparing toasts is the 4 slice bread toaster. This breakfast cooking gadget with multiple settings, allow you to toast either 2 or 4 slices at the same time. If you need to serve breakfast for many people, then a 4-slice toaster is the right choice to go with.


3. Coffee Maker:

A breakfast remains incomplete without a hot cup of tasty coffee. In fact, our mornings actually start with a cup of coffee that rejuvenates us and keep active. Some get it done in a perfect way, while some cannot. In such case, it is a good idea to use a coffee maker that saves your time as well. This is one of the best kitchen utensils that is compact, easy to use and comes at a reasonable online price in Dubai.


4. Electric Kettle:

Make your morning tea instantly using the stainless steel electric kettle, which is safer than a stove-top kettle. Not just tea, but you can also boil water, brew tea or coffee using this best kitchen gadget. These kettles come in different materials like copper, granite and even glass. We suggest going with stainless steel as this do not retain the smell or taste of the beverage and do not discolor as well.


5. 2 In 1 Blender:

A 2 in 1 is all that you need whether you want to make a shake, fruit juice, an icy drink or a smoothie. This kitchen tool and equipment with a big sized jar and powerful motor, lets you blend anything within a few minutes. Not just for breakfast, but you can use it for preparing any meal if you need to.


6. Manual Whisker:

Eggs are one of the healthy and tasty foods that we prefer including in our everyday breakfast. Breaking eggs and mixing them perfectly is not a difficult task. But it is for a few people who never get it right. Such individuals can opt for a manual egg whisker, which reduces your effort as well as the cooking time.


7. Non-Stick Fry Pan:

No matter if you are a pro at cooking or have just started learning, a non-stick fry pan is what you definitely need when you are in the kitchen. The problem with regular fry pans is the food you cook sticks to the pan itself, which takes a lot of time to clean. But the synthetic coating on non-stick pans prevents any food from sticking to the pan. With just one or two wipes, you can clean the pan. Besides, you don’t require using oil when cooking on this pan. Hence, it is a health benefit too.



8. Tea Strainer:

The tea strainer is one of the essential kitchen tools that you require using every day. You can find these strainers online in several varieties at different prices in Dubai and UAE. Plastic strainers are the most common among others. But some of these come with a stainless steel mesh. This kitchen tool is perfect for draining tea leaves, straining and even sieving a few food items.


9. Teapot Kettle:

Teapot kettle is another popular and widely used cooking utensil found in almost every kitchen. This is the favorite choice of many people because it is stain resistant and keeps the beverage hot for a longer time. So, when you lack time to brew tea or coffee, just prepare it before, store in the kettle and have it when you need.



10. Handleless Mini Coffee & Tea Cups:

At times, you might have beverages like coffee or tea left over, which you heat them up and have it again instead of preparing again. In such cases, you can choose the porcelain mini cups, which are safe for microwave use. These cups without handles look quite unique and interesting compared to the regular cups with handles. These are easily available online at a varying price in UAE.


Hence, these are the tools which you can buy for making quick and easy breakfast. Apart from, you can also check out the 5 must-have tools in your kitchen that come to your use on a daily basis.

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