10 of the Most Dangerous Android Viruses and How to Get Rid of Them

June 21, 2018

Android smartphones are easily prone to virus attacks. A virus is a program that is widespread easily by attaching itself to other programs thus replicating itself. The term is normally used interchangeably with malware and spyware. While some virus doesn’t affect your device, there exist few viruses that can completely ruin your Android device. This seems to be quite worrying, so it is always good to know about the popular and dangerous Android viruses that can show major impact on the device performance. Android viruses are capable to infect your smartphone, delete files or can even steal data. Though there exists some of the best Antivirus software for 2018, still some of the viruses can skip over the antivirus scan and create a malicious environment. To avoid such situations, it is better to full scan your device often with the latest Anti-malware software thus caching out security threats if any. Here, let us have a look at the 10 most dangerous Android viruses that can harm your Android extensively. Also, read on the process to get rid of that virus if affected.


Though this virus will not affect the device directly, it continually tries to spread to other devices. It is normally infected through MMS and Bluetooth. The presence of Cabir virus can badly affect the battery life. This is said to be the first computer worm that infected mobile phones. To recognize whether the phone is infected with Cabir or not, just check the message “Caribe” on the phone display which suggests infected device. To remove the Cabir, you can use the best Anti-malware program of 2018.

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When launched, the worm displays a message on the screen: either Caribe or Caribe - VZ/29a . worm itself is an SIS format file, called caribe.sis, of or bytes in size . This file contains three objects: caribe.app: / bytes in size. flo.mdl: 2544 bytes in size. caribe.rsc: 44 bytes in size.


The first ever known malware for the mobile device that can jump over from the device to PC or laptop with an ease is CardTrap. It can overwrite applications like contacts with corrupted information. When you reboot the phone, you will find that the application is no longer working, thus making the phone effected. Apart from this, it gives room for other Android viruses like Cabir, Skulls and more that can easily transfer the virus from Android to Android or PC to PC.



One of the malware that is designed to havoc your smartphone or tablet running on Android is Basebridge. It can gain entry into the system from downloads, infected email attachments, fake updates, external media or any from any infected documents. The only way to remove the virus is to use the best anti-malware program and clean your windows registry regularly.


Here is an important caution for those playing classic Nintendo games on the mobile device! Mobile gaming developers created a new malware that appears as one of the emulators for playing Nintendo games. Named as Gunpowder, the virus is quite difficult to be detected by the antivirus software. It can collect all your browsing data and may send it to other contacts. It may even show you fraudulent advertisements. In order to prevent this virus, always install the apps from Google Play store thus ensuring safety.



The Trojan for smartphones running on Android 1.5 and higher version is Android/Gemini.A!tr. It gathers the sensitive information and passes over to the attackers. It is said to be infected through some Android games like Monkey Jump 2. To prevent the program from entering, don’t attempt to install anything from untrusted sources as they can become a source to enter the device.


Embedded into more than 50 Android apps, the DroidDream can gain access to Android device, once you run the app on your mobile. Once entered, it installs the second application that requires special permission to uninstall. This further lets to install more malicious apps and thus sends the downloaded data to attackers. Recently, Google has introduced a measure to prevent this to enter the device.



Targeting all the devices running on Android 5.1 or earlier versions, the Godless virus is found on the Google PlayStore apps. This means that almost 90% of Android users are vulnerable to this new malware. It hides inside another app and uses it as a root to gain access to install all apps. Once rooted, it can install spyware and even change system administrator settings.


Cloned and Copied Apps

It is a known fact that almost all hackers try to copy the virus using the popular applications. Clones are the great way to enter. So, always make sure to download apps from legitimate source. Infecting by virus means, you are unwillingly giving access to your personal data to attackers. In order to be safe, it is better to be away from the major downloads.

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Available since 2016, the Hummingbad can damage your Android smartphone. It can steal information and even download apps without your approval. It is suspected that around two million Android devices are infected with the Hummingbad virus. Once you visit a suspicious website, it asks to initiate the download. To get rid of Hummingbad, just perform factory reset even though into gets deeper into the device.




Android Zeahache virus pretends to be a normal application and induces the user to install on to the device and further does some malicious action to steal access authority. This could be quite dangerous as it is slowly gaining access over entire data which may result in data theft in the future.

In order to get rid of these dangerous virus attacks, it is recommended to install the best free malware removal tools for your Android smartphone. Moreover, try to download the necessary applications from the secure Google Play store. Also, read 5 best free Antivirus for iPhone and iPad 2018 and Top 10 Best AntiVirus For Windows 10. Know more about virus, malware and other vulnerabilities which can affect your pc , so that you can know how to remove trojan virus.

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