10 Best Free Android Games of 2018

August 9, 2018

Well! In these recent days, it is hard to get something for free of cost. Especially in the smartphone market, as with the technological advancement, the smartphones price is taking a boom accordingly. However, there is something that you can get for free and make yourself entertained all the time. Yes! Android platform has some set of best free Android games of 2018 that you can download and try it now. Without engaging yourself in other Android apps and in-app purchases, these free Android games let you enjoy completely free of cost. You can just download them from the Google play store right away and start playing these best free Android games of 2018. Don’t wait anymore! Read on the guide to find the list of free Android games to play on your smartphone.

Asphalt 9: Legends

From the creators of the best Android game, Asphalt 8: Airborne, you got to get in gear with another street racing game Asphalt 9: Legends. Unlike other racing, you get to discover top roster or real hypercars to drive. Moreover, it is completely free to choose your dream car to have a ride and select through the spectacular locations to start your race against different speed machines across the world. This arcade racing game is filled with real cars, stunning visuals and impressive HDR techniques thus making it top the list of free Android games.

free Android games

Virtua Tennis Challenge

Get a sophisticated Tennis game experience with the best free Android game, Virtua Tennis Challenge. The 3D graphics combined with touchscreen controls make you feel that you are really playing a tennis tournament. For every Tennis fan out there, the Virtua Tennis Challenge is the challenging game that you must try out. Download from Google Play Store, and select from different modes or else have a challenge with your friend.

free Android games

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The best free Android game that is played by thousands of players online without spending any money is Carmegeddon. This classic game is suitable for Android platform. It is a racing game with different destructive elements like pedestrians and cows. By destroying your opponents or in fact killing the pedestrians will lead you to win. It is a fun-oriented game rather than a powerful racing game. You need to spend some time to reach a certain level. Use the cars and weapons to destroy opponents and in turn get bonuses or earn a combo. With 11 exciting environments to race from and 28 dangerous opponents to fight with and a lot of fun included makes the Carmageddon the best free Android games of 2018.

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Critical Ops

Another popular free Android games to try out is Critical Ops. Download it now to join the multiplayer combat with different weapons. The stunning environment to play in, lets you have a skill-based gaming while playing online free Android games. Get ready to test your reflexes or get the experience of fighting in the anti-terrorist operation only with the Critical Ops free Android game. Currently, it renders its support to 4 game modes and particularly the game mode can be played in teams. However, each teammate needs to work individually.

Free Android games


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

One of the best free Android games that support both the iOS and Android smartphone  platforms is Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Create your own character as a Hogwarts student with a different hairstyle, outfit and get ready to explore through the Hogwarts story. As a student, you can now master in almost every sector including Transfiguration, flying, and more. Attend classes to learn new spells and Brew Potions under the guidance of Professor Snape. Throughout the journey, you get a chance to meet new friends to make the journey more adventurous.

Free Android games

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Get ready to play the fast-paced strategy game on your Android smartphone with the HearthStone free Android game download. It is quite easy to learn and at the same time have fun by unleashing different cards to summon minions and sling spells. You can get to see hundreds of options to choose from and it even gives you the opportunity to have a practice game by playing against computer-controlled heroes. The additional feature included makes to switch between tablet and desktop quite easily. Play with different players to win and earn some points and prizes.

Free Android games

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the free Android games that let you fight against online players in frantic duels. As you explore further, you will find different characters from Clash of Clans which includes Giants, Archers, Barbarian kings and many more. It is completely a straightforward game that starts up with three towers and your main goal is to make use of your troop to destroy the enemy on the central tower. At the same time, you need to manage defending enemies on your own tower. Collect enough cards to unlock tons of combat units. The graphics included makes you feel like having the original Clash of cans. This fun multiplayer game lasts for about one to four minutes, thus giving access to play at any place.

Free Android games

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Shadowgun Legends

If you are fond of shooting games, then Shadowgun legends should be your priority to download. With those impressive graphics and the colourful environment around you can be sure of entering into a completely new world. The first person shooter takes you through various missions to defend alien forces and loot money. Customize Shadowngun with a different set of weapons and armor. Also, choose from different gaming modes to play and compete with aliens. The extensive free Android game has a single player campaign as well as multiplayer. Though there exists in-app purchases, their might not be of competitive advantage.

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Sword of Xolan

The action game with the addition of pixel arty style that joins our list of best free Android games is Sword of Xolan. It is the game of a young and dynamic man trying to fight for justice in every situation. Help him through this adventurous journey to get back the peace and wisdom. It includes around 30 handcrafted adventure levels with 9 time based challenging levels to play with. Moreover, you need to defend against 30 different enemies which include flying characters, zombies and giants. To improvise the Xolan skills there even exists different set of unique game cards. You will have almost similar fun to the Playstation and Xbox games.

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Alto’s Adventure

Developed by the snowman company, the Alto’s adventure is one of the amazing snowboard adventure game to download. The interesting missions to travel with an original stunt system make it the best free Android game to try out. Get ready to rescue Ilamas by riding on a snowboard through different rooftops. Also, you get to jump over the huge pits that come your way around as a trick to destroy. The dynamic weather in various locations gives you a different experience. Moreover, the music add up to the game. Even the stylized graphics give it an original effect.

Free Android games

Make your smartphone the best device to play online games with these set of free Android games. Since there are easily available for free to download on Google Play store, you can try your hands on these Android games. Play through to unlock and discover new levels and weapons. Also, have a look at 5 best Android bike racing games 2018.

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