10 Best Duplicate File Finder and Duplicate File Remover for Windows & Mac

October 4, 2018

The most common place to store any files, documents, or images is Windows PC or Mac. With different methods of storage available these days, it is not so worthy to waste the hard disk space on duplicate content. Since we spend a lot of time on our computer, there is a high probability for the accumulation of huge duplicate files over time. Apart from taking valuable space on the computer, they can even reduce the overall performance of the system. In order to get rid of thousands of duplicate files, it is mandatory to make use of best duplicate file finder Windows. It should be capable enough to file duplicate files and remove them instantly. Just make use of one of these best duplicate file finder and find yourself of how much disk space you save! These duplicate file finder programs not only remove the duplicate files but also make your PC or laptop clean thus enhancing performance. Given that there exist multiple duplicate file finder programs, here we have sorted out the list with 10 best duplicate file finder and remover programs that can do this task with an ease.

Duplicate Sweeper

One of the best duplicate file finder for Windows and Mac OSX is Duplicate Sweeper. Available for free download, this not only finds the duplicate files but also acts as duplicate file remover. Once installed successfully, it scans the computer for duplicate files according to the customization options chosen by the user. It can find any files including photos, documents, photoshop files, images and more. Before removing the files, you have the option to review the results and delete all those unnecessary files accumulated.

Duplicate file finder

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Duplicate Files Fixer

Here is the best duplicate file finder with a simple interface. The Duplicate Files Fixer is available for Windows, Mac and on Android devices. It is quick in executing the task of finding duplicate files and also removes them efficiently. The approach used to clean the system is quite simple. It can identify the duplicated based on different attributes such as file name, modify date and more. This popular duplicate file remover programs also give the feasibility to mark duplicates either manually or automatically.

duplicate file finder

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Duplicate Filter Professional

The professional tool that displays all the information of the duplicate files on your PC or laptop in a chart form is Duplicate Filter Professional. Download and install the program on your system to scan for duplicates. Either move the duplicates to recycle bin or clear them off permanently. While removing the album songs manually, refine the search based on albums, artists and titles. It can also help to search and remove the largest files available in all formats.

duplicate file finder

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Duplicate File Eraser

Developed by Soft 112, the Duplicate file eraser is made compatible to run on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Since it is supported in multiple languages it is quite easy to use anywhere around the globe. This application can run on Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and iOS platforms. All you need to do is choose for the algorithm manually in order to identify the duplicates. Also, remove these duplicate programs running on your device with an ease.


duplicate file finder

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Easy Duplicate File Finder

Another easy to use duplicate file remover tool online is Easy Duplicate File Finder. Select from different scan modes available and let the program do the task of finding duplicate files. This app can also be used to scan for the duplicate files on the online storage locations like Google Drive and Dropbox. You may not find this feature in all other applications. Follow a step by step instructions on the screen to scan for the files. Review the duplicate files and delete them manually.

duplicate file finder

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The most popular duplicate file finder windows that can clean your PC is Ccleaner. It works with the main motive to ensure privacy and removes all those duplicate files along with unnecessary junk files. The duplicate file finder is the built-in tool that can scan the entire system for duplicate files and allows to delete each manually. So, clean your PC and make it run more effectively with the Ccleaner duplicate file finder.

duplicate file finder


Known to be the intelligent duplicate file finder mac, the Gemini2 can help find duplicate files and remove them on your mac system. Removing the duplicates can save enough space. The main attraction of the Gemini2 duplicate file finder mac is its user-friendly interface with well-designed navigation flow and especially the duplicate file detection capability. Install the app and choose the mode to get started. After scanning, review the files and restore them if necessary.

duplicate file finder

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Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Another smart duplicate file finder program that can run the task of finding the duplicate files effectively is Auslogics duplicate file finder. It is designed especially to scan for those unnecessary files on Windows PC and delete them to save some space on the device. It is available for free download for Windows PC users. So get it installed on your device and remove the files instantly.

duplicate file finder

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Here is another freeware that can search for the duplicates and even deletes them. Also, customize the selection based on the desired extension and file size. Search for the identical files that hold different extension thus allowing you to take the decision of which one to include. As with other duplicate file finder programs, AntiTwin also gives you the option to move the file either to recycle bin or delete directly.

duplicate file finder

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The best tool to find duplicate files on Windows 10 or Mac OS is DupeGuru. It holds the capability to either scan the file name or content stored in the file. So, by scanning through the content, the DupeGuru can find duplicate files even if they don’t have the same file name. It features a special music mode that can scan tags and display music specific information in the duplicate content window. The user can delete them manually thus making lot of space on your PC.

duplicate file finder

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  • Best Duplicate File Finder And Duplicate File Remover For Windows & Mac is a must for office purpose.in order to avoid junk files and duplicate files these softwares are must.these are best to handle and manage too many files which you keep copying and pasting and renaming.

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  • it is indeed a great concern because if you are working with too many files and especially for office purpose you create too many duplicate files which you forget with respect to time and you will find it difficult to find the exact and actual file you are in need .most of the offices use Duplicate File Finder And Duplicate File Remover For Windows & Mac to avoid the risk of losing the important files.

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