Considering the fact that we dedicate most of our time on our smartphones, we might think of ourselves to be familiar with all its features. But the truth is, there are many hidden aspects of Android-powered devices that we have no idea about. So, here we are to let you know the secret functions that … Continue reading "8 Secret Functions Of Android Smartphones"

The current laptop models are available with a number of advanced features that lets you perform a variety of tasks. Video editing is one such task that needs laptops to have a powerful and fast processor, high-resolution display, top-level graphics, and the right amount of RAM among other requirements. So, here we provide a listing … Continue reading "5 Best Laptops For Video Editing"

Of all the smartphones that Apple has offered so far, iPhone X is certainly the best. With the out-of-the-box performance and innovative features, the company has literally given a major blow to other leading brands when it came out. Some of the aspects that boosted the device’s popularity include the introduction of animojis, first OLED … Continue reading "8 Best iPhone X Alternatives That Provide Better Value"

Apple iPhones are, without a doubt, the finest examples of the advanced smartphone technology we have today. These are stylish, performance oriented and at the same time complex too. All the iPhone users and non-users are generally aware of all the features they come with. Yet, the Apple offers them with some specific aspects or … Continue reading "5 Secret Tips And Tricks Of Apple iPhones"

Ever since the Android smartphones came out, we have seen them getting better in terms of display, camera, security, and processing power as well. But the one aspect that still remains the same without any improvement is the battery technology. People want to stay connected for a long time without the battery drain issue, but … Continue reading "8 Tips To Improve Battery Life On Android Smartphones"

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